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Sunday, December 21, 2008

And So It Goes

Heard the rumor that Norm Shinkle is bowing out of the race for Michigan Republican Chair. Leaving Jack Hoogendyk and Ron Wiser. I've recently talked with Wiser and he seems a capable and intelligent person. Definately a cut above, above what I'm still not sure. Sounds too much like where we've already been with little success. He does sound like he is on top of the game at least as far as connections to the powers in the party and especially the fundraisers of the party. I just had a hard time feeling like I should be saying Hello Mr. Ambassador, Instead of Hi Ron. But that's just me.

I hear that Norm will be endorsing Ron Wiser and will have a place working for him. That will at least let the lowly PDS in the door. Norm I'm sure will see to that at least. So on the money and the elite and somewhat on the "back to local support level" things could be worse.

I wonder just what the emphasis will be under Wiser. I talked at legnth with him about what we are going to do with the county and township and Precinct efforts. I heard the same "wisdom" that I had heard during the last election. It didn't work then, from what I heard or didn't hear it probably won't work in 2010. We need to rely less on the off year out of power surge everyone is hoping for and put the effort into enlarging our base. We need a solid simple message and alot more feet on the ground. To accomplish that we will need real help in training and real hands on efforts. Not a two hour seminar in Lansing, but emails on all the how to recruit PD-candidates possible and how to's on putting on mini fundraisers and community service efforts.

I assume that this will get done on a piece meal effort as in the last election. I was hoping for some help. Guess It's back to the old Standby, What Can I Do Today?

I hope to see where Jack Hoogendyk is at now and see if there is any hope for a more conservative message to fuel our next efforts. If I sound discouraged, maybe it's that I just shoveled for 3 hours or maybe it was remembering all that I shovelled last election.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Just found this blog. Mover Mike. Check it out.
As the nation goes so goes the state and the county and our neighborhoods.
There is a shake up in the Parties of all of the above. The battle is for who controls the party at whatever level. The bureaucrats or the workers. Such things as open dealings vs. not so open dealings are at stake.

This battle has been going on since the dawn of time.

The quote below sums up the battle in the early days of this country of ours.
“On June 30, 1619, when the Jamestown Legislative Assembly instituted a representative form of government, rules stated that only colonists of English descent would be given the right to vote. This denied Poles the right to governmental representation in a colony they helped to sustain and grow. As a result they organized what became the first labor strike in American history. Their slogan was “No vote. No work”.

Nowadays the reason to have a strike, protecting our Civil Rights, Our Voice in the system remains the same. These very rights have been outsourced by the voice of the Bureaucracy of whatever kind. We simply elect people that were supposed to oversee the bureaucracy, but finally the bureaucracy oversees the elected officials. The voter has become redundant.

Perhaps it is time for us the People to reassert ourselves by planning our own strike against the bureaucracy.

The power of the Purse is the key. The Poles above realized that. Those that have a hand in creating wealth should have a share of that wealth. They should have a say in how that wealth is used.

As I believe Mover Mike was saying. If our government won’t listen to us then we must do something. We must strike. As we’ve seen recently, the price of gas for our cars has plummeted. Why? Demand has gone down. We the people found ways to use less gas. We voted with our pocket books.

How else can we “vote” with our checkbooks?

School choice. Vouchers.

Stop buying from the “Big” things, shop the “little” things. Benson Drugs instead of Meijers. While you’re in there buy the milk on sale and some potatoes and a couple pounds of hamburger from the Meat Block.

What will this do besides save you time and gas money? It will start to erode all the “big” stuff that has come about with “big” business and “big” government getting in bed together. Big labor practices, along with the monopolizing of the pricing and quality structure of the products offered for sale by the “big” three any thing. Whether they be cars or sewing machines or shingles for your roof.

The more pressure we can put on these “Trimopolys” as I call them, the better chance we have of influencing the products they make. The better chance we will go back to the customer is always right type of idea. In government we get a better chance to have the government working for us and not us being a slave to “big” government.
That brings us back to the old story of whether an army of Davids can really make a change against all the Goliaths that are out there.

That then finally brings me back to my “Take Muskegon Back” blog. Politics is the last bastion upon which all our freedoms are built. The use of the Freedoms we have is crucial. We must use the freedoms we have or they will be overridden. Overridden in the courts, and in our bureaucracies.

I have a right to build my house. Just try and do it and see how many restrictions have been put upon that simple right. Unless you are a licensed electrician, carpenter, plumber, architect, HVAC person, and environmental impact person. You can’t even begin to get an ok to do that from the government.

We no longer have many rights. Only what rights we can buy from others are allowed. Anyway I digress.

I have secretly been playing with the idea of a “Protect March”. Picking a favorite store or business of mine and have a “Protect March” for it. Bring favorable “grass root” attention to what they are doing for the community simply by the services they provide. The quality of personal service they provide. Let me know if you think that is a worthwhile thing to do. For example a march “For Benson Drugs”

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

PS. As the Poles had the right to share in the shaping of their government, we as the other half of “free enterprise” have the right to do our part in shaping our economy, and hence our government.

As a friend of mine says. “It’s the spending stupid” What better way to control spending, than controling our own. Why pretty soon we might start to do something really radical and complain about how the government is spending the money we give them. Then maybe voting accordingly.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Needless to say, if you follow this or my "Bottom Up Politics" blog you know how adament I am about using the Precinct Delegate approach as the means to enlarge and invigorate our Base. We have had a hard time recruiting PDs because we treat them as the low man on the totem pole. Usually make fun of them if anything. We should be doing exactly the opposite. We should elevate them, we should get out of their way and help them, we should get their ideas THEN form our marching orders. We should have groups in every precinct. We need to listen to the PDs. and the Candidates at the Township level. It's a two way street brother.
Check out the following link I got from Norm Shinkle who is running for State Chairman. See the top of my right side bar for updates on that race.

It's a long read but well worth the time.


I hope Jack forgives me, but Norm just seems like he is talking my story. He seems to have a real plan and the focus is on the right thing. This is my opinion.

This guy is after my heart. After reading the last article in the MRPWATCH site at the top of my side bar. I wish Jack H. would join with Nrom S. and together they could have a chance against Wiser and his money.

The Main thing is to Elect Republicans. What we've been doing didn't work, we need change and Wiser isn't it.

Jack and Norm could unite the base as never before.

Think I'm on this bandwagon.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Check this out.
How do we do that here in Muskegon?
Try the sound of this headline.
Hope it doesn't take a Hurricane for a Bobby Jindal to come out of the woodwork in our neighborhood.

I'm hoping that it will be as easy to start as Ringing a Salvation Army drive and a hundred other things just as easy. Then some officials who will battle selflessly for what is right and make a stink shoveling up the mess the failed liberal policies have left behind. They will also have to paint a nice picture of the future as we do the dirty of the cleanup. Yup give us hope. Not in the word but in the deed. It really isn't so hard to do the work Americans don't seem to want to do anymore, it is actually quite fullfilling in it's reward.

Let's put on our thinking hats and pick up the shovels and start digging.

Muskegon County Republicans win in sweep. Like I say let's start digging, at the worst it'll be good exercise for our heads and our hearts.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

PS. Any ideas or comments? Bob Carr 231-728-3455

Thursday, December 4, 2008


A County Convention to Remember.
Tues Dec. 2nd The Muskegon County Republican Party called it’s Precinct Delegates to Convention. A larger than normal number showed up. My count was well over 60. We filled the Blue and Gold Room at MCC where it was held.

As promised Norm Shinkle showed up and did some politicking as promised. Wiser must of got wind of it and he didn’t come but sent a surrogate to speak for him.

We soon got down to the business we were there to conduct which was for the Pds to select a new Executive Committee. That soon became controversial. Some of our group are strong backers of Ron Paul and they fought for inclusion in the Executive committee and after much discussion they were included. There inclusion is important as they represent some core Republican ideas. We as a Party represent our base and now more of our base will be represented.

The bright spot for me came after that as we filled vacancies in the Precinct Delegates. Chris Beck, his son Drew, and Dan Churchill were present and voted into new Precinct Delegate positions. I felt Chris and Dan who both ran a good campaign in Fruitport Township for Supervisor and Trustee respectively would make excellent Pds. Chris’ son Drew is 20 and studying Political Science and after the meeting told me how interesting the meeting was. You could tell this guy will be an asset to us.
I also nominated Larry Hibnar from Precinct 3 in Musk. Hts. In absentia to be a precinct Delegate and he too became one. Below is a picture of him on the right standing next to Jim Riley who set up the “Adopt a Kettle” program.

click to enlarge
The next day Larry was volunteering. Enough said.

Craig Pirrotta brought along Doug Thorstenson who also became and was eager to become a Precinct Delegate. There were others I believe but until I can come up with the list from our Secretary Stuart Peterson, I will leave them unmentioned.

All in all I was really pleased with the turnout and the decisions the Party came up with. Even the arguments were civil. As Norm Shinkle whispered to me (I paraphrase here) “It’s a good problem when people are fighting over who will get on the Executive Committee”.

This morning at our regular Thurs. 8 am Carmen Group meeting at which I was late (I humbly appologize), a lot of ground was covered. Possible officers of the party were discussed, but mainly how we can set up the party to get and keep more people involved. The types of things we need to do to make this Party of ours a better thing.

Let me remind everyone reading this that the Carmen Group is just a bunch of “regular meeting goers” getting together over breakfast to keep in touch and to float their own ideas out to see what others think. This is not a place where policy is made, far from it. Just a gab session.

Jim Riley’s “Adopt a Kettle” was an example of how easy it is to actually do something for the community and the party at the same time. How with some thought and action by one person, several volunteers can get involved and be a part of the community and the party. All agreed it was a good thing.

For me the main focus for the party is to make sure that.
1. There is always something that volunteers can do. If someone comes to us cold and wants to volunteer, we need the infrastructure in place to direct them to someone and something they can do.
2. We make every effort on gaining volunteers.
For our County Party I’m hoping and others seemed to agree on a structure based upon Committees. I hope to see permanent committees, like Memebership, Lincoln Day, etc. plus the ability to set up on the fly others for more specific goals. Come to the Ex. Committee meeting Dec. 15th and be a part of this taking shape. We have a fresh slate to work with.
Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative
Ps. The best laid plans of mice and men will come to naught without the people (volunteers) to carry them out. The best and most active volunteers are the ones who have a part in making those plans.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Ring a Bell ???

Help Ring The Salvation Army Bell.

Jim Riley of the Muskegon County Republican has organized a two day contingent of “Bell Ringers”. The first one has come and gone successfully. It was the day after Thanksgiving. They must of avoided the thundering herd as they are all alive to talk about it with friends and family.

The next and last day is Wed. Dec 3rd. Times are from noon-8pm. Please feel free to contact Jim at 231-557-0012. The more the merrier. Most slots are filled with one person. The slots are 1 hour long. It is nice to have someone extra there to take turns ringing the bell. If not be sure to say hi to them when you shop Wal-Mart.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

County Convention and Jeb Bush

County Convention.

Norm Shinkle has confirmed that he will be at the College by 6:30 for sure. As a candidate for State Party Chairman, you may be interested in meeting him before the Convention starts at 7:00. You’re welcome to come. I will post a note or meet you at the front entrance. As I’ve said in an earlier post, he is a “grass roots” type of candidate. He thinks the PD’s are an important part of the Party, not an afterthought.

I’m hoping to have 3-6 people to nominate as Precinct Delegates to fill our vaccancies in our pool of Delegates. New blood and all of that. I hope this works well for them. I hope they can all become PD’s . I’m hoping to get some recruitment and technical advice from Mr. Shinkle to help make this happen.

Two of these ran and lost in the Township races. A Third I hope to talk with tonight won. A couple others are friends that want to get involved. Two more possible are related to the first two. They all show desire to do something to help the party. That has to be a good thing.

In our case I define the “grass roots” as the townships. If that includes some who may not go along with conventional wisdom but have a desire to help the Republican Party that too is a good thing.

Below is a link to an interview in Newsmax of Jeb Bush and his ideas of how to rebuild the Republican Party. Some good ideas.
For us the PD’s of the party the following quote is useful.
You’ve got to do the hard work. That means grass-roots organization. It means listening to the base of the party. It means voter registration. It means turn-out operations. It means recruiting candidates that look like the population we’re trying to attract to our cause. Those things seem to have waned in the last couple years.”
He further elaborates.
The party must hold fast to its convictions. “We can’t be Democrat-lite. We can’t just ‘get along,’” he told Newsmax. “We have to actually be proposing solutions to what appear to be intractable problems as it relates to education, healthcare, infrastructure. Across the board there are ways that we can show that we are truly on the side of the people that are concerned about the future of the country, without abandoning our principles.” ……..

Bush cited Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal as “a great example of a governor who is leading by example, and has a passion for reform. That should be the model across the country.”
Our township candidates and PD’s are the ones we have to draw from to create the new “Bobby Jindals” the ones who will lead this party by example.

It starts by getting involved. In your community and in your party.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


This upcoming County Precinct Delegate Convention Dec 2nd, 7pm at Musk. comm. College in the Blue and Gold room, will see the current Precinct Delegates elect a new Executive Committee that will decide the course of the Muskegon County Republican Party for the next 2 years. At the end of that process, the Delegates can nominate and elect vaccancies in the Precinct Delegate Roster. If you want to become a PD without having to wait untill the Primary time in 2010, now is your chance.

For details please contact me at the #'s below.

Bob Carr

Who's your pick State Party Chair ???

Below is a web site I found that gives a current update on what is happening in the race for our State Chair.
I've met Jack Hoogendyk 3 times and have talked in depth with Norm Shinkle. Both seem good honest and Republican. DeVoss' candidate Wiser has entered with all that money can bring and the DeVoss endorsement. But to be noted as Norm told me. Betsy DeVoss is staying neutral in the affair. I think if we want to change the party we have to change the leadership to one with different ideas. I don't think Wiser will do that.

We will be having a chance to meet Norm Shinkle in our upcoming Precinct Delegate Convention Dec. 2nd. 7pm Musk, Comm. College. In the Blue and Gold room, main entrence one floor down. Norm told me he was coming early and we'd set up some place he could seriously talk with PDs coming to the convention. This is a good chance to meet one of these people first hand.

Here is a letter I'm sending to a few of my fellow PDs. If you want the attachment, contact me at the #s below and I'll email it to you.

Dear fellow Precinct Delegate.

Attached is an email I received from Norm Shinkle. He is a candidate for State Republican Chair. There are many putting their hat into that ring. I was told that Mr. Shinkle was expert at recruiting Precinct Delegates. That is becoming my chosen profession lately Lol.

I emailed him and later after some more emails we talked. When he found out our Convention is Dec. 2nd at 7pm at MCC he told me that he wanted to come. Better yet he wanted to come early. He wanted to not only Glad Hand people but get a chance to talk with them seriously about his campaign for State Chair and his new adopt a precinct plan already in the works.

He does seem to be a doer, a grass roots type of guy that knows two things our party really needs. How win votes and how to recruit precinct delegates.

We needed help during the last election and he of all those that could was the only one that came through from the state level.

If you want a chance to talk with him in a small group, let me know ahead of time so I can let you know of the time and place. That way I can have some time to set this up. Mr Shinkle said he would just show up a half hour or so and we could talk in a nearby room.

His web site had this about his efforts. As a fellow PD you may find this interesting.
From the viewpoint of an organizer and doer, he has the edge. Jack may have the edge with the message although they both would work well. Why don't you come and find out for yourself at least about Shinkle.

Please let me know if interested
Bob Carr

Friday, November 21, 2008

Conventions, Leaders and We The Precinct Delegates

The Muskegon County Republicans are having a County Convention for the purpose of nominating and electing a new Executive Committee. Dec. 2nd or 3rd (I’ll edit it in when I find out). The only people that can vote will be Precinct Delegates, Elected officials of the Party and those candidates or officials who ran and lost in the Nov. Election. I don’t know but will edit in the exact amount to be elected to the Executive Committee. I’ve been told it is around twenty or so.

The Committee is the body that conducts all the business of the County Party the only people with a vote on how the party works. After they are elected in on Dec2nd(?) At the same meeting the floor will be open for nominations by Precinct Delegates to fill any vacancies of Delegates in our Precincts. Anyone can be nominated for the vacant Precinct Delegate slots. I’m going to try to get out a list of vacancies to the current PDs and ask them to recruit some more. The Executive Committee will then vote on them.

Later, and I will fill in the dates as I find them out, but which I assume will be during the regular monthly Executive Committee Meeting Dec 15th a new slate of officers including the Chair will be elected by the Executive Committee.

We then will have another County Convention to pick a group to go to the State Convention to among other things pick a new State Chair.

If you want to get involved with any of this let me know. Anytime.
This ain’t a business, it’s a passion.
Bob Carr

A Precinct Delegate is on paper the strength of our Party, If you want you can help make that paper theory a reality. That is what this blog is all about. That is what is needed to rebuild this party.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Talking To My Self

A Sense of Humor Helps


Hey there what are you trying to do bud?

Simple, I want to Take Muskegon Back.

Back from what?

Back from the economic abyss Muskegon along with the rest of Michigan is teetering on the edge of, brought there by the Democrat leadership’s agenda. If you don’t believe me, look at an article Nick at Right Michigan wrote. It shows the case for why I’m saying the abyss is near.
So what do you think you can do here on this blog that nobody watches? In the shelter of your computer in your little shack of a house? You don’t even have a furnace, you just heat with wood.

Well guy, like Janus Joplin said “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.” I’m a lot closer to that freedom than most. Because of my humble circumstances, I find my self with a bit of a different perspective on things than some other Republicans. I feel that I might be able to offer a different slant on things. Plus I’m not of the Party, because I’m new to it, I’m not tied into the structure. There is freedom to be found there, that let’s me think new thoughts. Or at least come up with new ways to do old things. Maybe think out of the box a bit.

You got that right. You’re not only out of the box but out in left field.

Hold up there, if you are putting me out in the field I’d prefer right field.

Yeah. Yeah so you’re a real riot. A real funny guy. But I repeat what do you think you can do that the whole party apparatus couldn’t do. Just Who Do You Think You Are.

Sorry you don’t think one man can make a difference. I do. So I’ll try if you don’t mind. By the way is there anything that I can do for you today?

You’re nuts, I’m leaving I have to go to a meeting then a business lunch, I’ll donate $50 to the Sparrow club though they do great things for sparrows.

Well good for you, nice talking to you, hope you make a difference.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

PS. See our side bar under “Plea for Help” for an update on some of the mechanics of trying to make a difference.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Report on Muskegon County Republican Meeting last night

click on picture to enlarge.

The meeting was held at the County Headquarters on Henry St. It was blizzardly outside and the roads were slick. As I got there around 4:15 to turn the heat up, I thought attendance would be low. Slowly people started to show up. By the 5:30 meeting time came we had a decent bunch. I would say 30 or more.

The main discussion was about the election. We had our elected officials there, Marve Engle and Bob Scolnik who were re-elected to the County Commission. (Mr. Snider our other re-elected County Commissioner didn’t show up). Some of our defeated candidates were there also. Dave Fisher, Annette Smedley, and the arch Conservative James McCormick. State Senator, Jerry VanWoerkhom was there also.

We all talked about why we lost so badly and what if anything should be done about it. There was an air of inevitability about it. Past, present and future. (Past) The Democratic wave just happened. There was nothing we could of done better that would of stopped it. (Present) What we’re doing is OK, we’ll hunker down, we’ve done it in the past. It works. (Future) It’s all a cycle our turn will come. The Dems can’t live up to their promises their organization will start to crumble. We’ll do better next time.

We heard both sides, we sounded conflicted. One stated how terrible it was McCain pulled out of Michigan. Another thought that it was a good thing because it kept Obama out of Michigan. Which he said would of made our losses worse.

Everybody including myself was understandably disheartened by the results of the election. But I like to think that we are not brain dead. Hopefully we’ll start up with some constructive ideas. Hopefully we’ll snap out of it before we let defeat becomes inevitable again.

We will be closing up the Henry HQ till it warms back up in Spring. I had a whole speech set up but from what I heard, I knew that was not the time. People would not of paid attention. That is understandable. People are still in shock. Myself included. So I just ranted loudly and pulled out my maps and all the rest of my stuff quietly. I still can’t get a price on how much it would take to donate to the Party to open the HQ up for a day if we can cook up any profitable events for which we need a spot. I still have a hard time with the idea of not using that great place with all the Republican signs and what not.

But as always I’ll fall back to my default mode. Make Do, Make It Now, Make It Work.

Muskegon Republican County Committee
December 15th, 2008, Terrace Plaza Cafeteria
as usual, 5:30

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

THIS JUST IN. At the meeting GordoM from Muskegon Pundit
Did make a positive suggestion at the meeting. Well it looks like he dug in and followed through on the idea. I signed up today and most of the slots are already filled. A "Two Thumbs Take Muskegon Back" for JR. Below is a copy of the email he sent out.
Hi folks!
The elections are over and it's time to remember our Muskegon neighbors in need.

The Muskegon Republicans will be ringing the bells for the Salvation Army on Friday Nov. 28 (yes, the busiest shopping day of the year!) and Wednesday Dec. 3.

We'll be in front of the food entrance at Walmart (on Henry and Norton) and I've attached a spreadsheet with the times and those who have already signed up to be official GOPer Ringers!

You can sign up for an hour, alone or with a friend or add your name to those already signed up and share some fun and and the gift of your time with a fellow Republican.

And, believe it or not, it is fun. Ane very gratifying to see the different families and children digging deep to help others.

And didn't you really want to do something, anything to help others during this holiday season?

So get out your long johns and comfortable shoes and help us show GOPer Love and raise money for one of the best and most efficient charities in our great country.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanaukkah!

Way to go Gordo

Monday, November 17, 2008

Our First Precinct Delegate Designate

Big meeting tonight for my Precinct Delegate Designate plan.

I found a new energetic recruit for a Precinct Delegate Designate slot Precinct #3 Muskegon Heights. Here is the story of that.
I plan to introduce both tonight at the meeting. A kick off of the plan. Larry's will be the first pin I put in the County Precinct Map. Before the meeting I’ll have to buy some colored pins and make up a legend explaining the different colored pins to put on the map. I hope to get the other Precinct Delegates that show up to put their pins on the map also.

I’ve made up a “Precinct Delegate Designate” information packet. It is now complete in hard copy. I will soon have it up on the side bar once I can scan in and link the Precinct maps. Below is the cover letter that goes with it. This explains what is in the packet.
Welcome Larry To The
Muskegon County Republican Party

You are my first Precinct Delegate Designate recruit !

Your Precinct is Precinct #3 of Muskegon Heights.

Monday night I will explain the concept of Precinct Delegate Designate and then Introduce you. Then I will walk over to the map I have set up and put a pin in Precint #3 Muskegon Heights and ask for other Precinct Delegates to see me after the meeting and I will put their pin in their Precinct if they so choose.

In your Precinct Delegate Designate packet, you will find the following.

1. A map of Precinct #3 of Muskegon Heights.

2. A list of all the precincts in Muskegon County,

3. A description of the duties and responsibilities of a Precinct Delegate from the State Republican Party.

4. A description of what a Precinct Delegate Designate is compared to a Precinct Delegate.

I put in with your packet the agenda for the meeting tonight along with the minutes from the last meeting.

Also as I said I added the idea for the Party that we talked about. It is rough but I think you can get the drift. The County is there to help the Precincts not the other way around.

Regards, Bob Carr
Another Proud Precinct Delegate
Live Dangerously Be A Conservative
I also bought a “all in one” copier scanner and will try to get the 71 individual Precinct Maps scanned and online for us.

See you at the Meeting tonight. If you have any questions about the meeting or anything, as always call or email me anytime, any day.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Bob Carr

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Reminder to Stimulate Progress

Here is a link about the drubbing our Republican Brothers and Sisters took in Kalamazoo. Read it and see if it sounds familiar.
Things said like; “The Republican are just getting weaker and weaker.” Sound all too familiar, and the idea that they lost county wide was another similarity.

Then the quote that landed this story onto this blog. Remember this Blog is supposed to be about organizing Muskegon by precincts and setting up a Volunteer base forming them into Republican Clubs. Read the quote.
Among the worrisome trends for local Republicans:
รข€¢ The highly regarded organization of the Obama campaign means local Democrats now have extensive lists of supporters and volunteers as well as a structure that can be remobilized in the future.
"We now have a permanent precinct organization, a permanent set of people in the neighborhoods talking to people about the issues," Pawloski said.
This blog of ours is called “ORGANIZE-Take Muskegon Back”
The premise is that not only do we have to do what the using the same tools like the internet etc. We will do them one better. We will use our organization to make a real difference in the neighborhoods where we live. We will show case conservative solutions that work. We will get our neighbors and friends to trust us through our actions, then we will win elections.

This is a huge job but it is built with little steps. Finding another like minded person in your neighborhood is the first step. Some neighborhoods are harder to do that in than others. I do it by simply making it a point to go out to a place in my neighborhood I haven’t been before and talking to people. Just passing the time of day. And so it starts. It reminds me of fishing. A lot of fish swim by the bait before one bites. The experienced fisherman learns patience and to enjoy and take interest in his surrouding (your neighborhood) until a fish finally bites and one always does. But it takes a constant thought process to come up with different ideas that we are not used to doing. It has been a learning experience and fun AND a bit of an adventure so far for me.

I’m hoping to use this blog as a means to network with other people in other Precincts so we can share some ideas on how to do just that. Also to bragg up success we have, however small. The buzz has to start somewhere. Sometime.

Here and Now seem fine with me.

I spent an hour down at the County HQ getting it ready for the County Executive Committee Meeting Monday 5:30pm. I printed off copies of my “What is a Precinct Delegate Designate” thing I came up with. Also put up the Metro City Street map with a core board backing, for reference and a visual aid. I have the new Precinct County map up also and will give a talk during the New Business part of the meeting. I will briefly explain my plan of how to organize the Precincts and the new “Designate” term and the reasons for it. I will buttonhole all you Precinct Delegates that attend and put a red (what else) push pin up to represent you in your precinct. When you find a Designate then we’ll put up a yellow pin for them. I just now came up with the thought that maybe a hotel from an old monopoly set could represent a precinct club when ever the first one is started.

Every monthly meeting I will highlight any new additions to the map, and ask if anyone has any new Designates. I’m just starting to work on a blood drive. If you have any ideas on that or a good speaker cheap for a precinct Delegate/Designate get together, I’m all ears. I’m trying to come up with a way to have at least one separate thing a month along with the monthly Executive Committee Meeting. I guess fundraiser along with GOP-Raisers will be needed also. We can play that by ear.

Getting Late.

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Bob Carr

Suggestions What do you think ??

I sent this email out last night to several individuals mainly in the party. I'm interested in seeing their reactions if any. Our Executive Committee meeting is this coming Monday at 5:30 at the Henry St HQ. Everyone's welcome.
Thought I'd give them something to talk about. But since this directly is about Precinct politics I decided in the tradition of transparency to post it here.

Suggested Projects (Methods and Goals) For the County Party

1. Speakers Committee
A. Set up a regular monthly speaker meeting.
Try to focus on enthusiasm building.
Just local to start, Get Jerry Van Workhom or
Pete etc to talk. Any one with a good
Republican message.
B. Make sure to push the idea of fun, along with
Motivational and informational.
C. These as with all things we will keep an eye on the
Bottom line. Try to make some money. At
Least break even.
D. Pass the hat, donations for small affairs, or
Something else, like a dinner or anything to
Generate some cash.
2. Fundraising Committee Beyond Membership .
A. Consider all things from baked goods to
The Lincoln Day Dinner.
B. Do the normal pleas for donations from
Corporate Muskegon.
3. Facilitators Committee.
A. Help the PD/PDD and clubs by giving them
Guidance through literature and go to and recruit
People. Come up with ways to help
Them organize their neighborhoods.
4. Infrastructure Committee
A. HQ Sub Committee for the building and
enhancing it, including more electronic
media, Signage, etc.
B. Internet Sub Committee, to build a data base
And a more interactive Web site.
5. Membership Committee
A. Define membership, costs rights benefits.
B. Come up with ways to gain members.
6. Poll Watcher and Poll Challenger Committee.
A. Define purpose and numbers needed
B. Come up with necessary tools for them
To use in their duties. Manuals, contact
Numbers, badges with necklace. What
Ever needed. Use Dems. Method.
7. Voter Registration Committee.
A. Have table set up at all events. With forms.
be creative.
8. Community Outreach Committee
A. Go to schools for education. Speakers
B. Help PD/PDD put on larger Neighborhood
GOP raisers.
C. Set up Larger community events. Blood
Drives . A Canned Food Drive, be creative.
9. Election Committee
A. Candidate subcommittee
B. Put together anything that is needed to
Further the needs of the candidates.
C. Lit drops, Put together signs, Phone banks,
Volunteers for door to door


1. The overall active base will come from the Precinct Delegate/Designate effort, and our established base. We start promoting that yesterday. We continually build that up so that there will be active cells within each Precinct, doing what the Party is doing above but on a smaller scale. This is the back breaking part, that is where the work lies. The County Party for the most part should be an extension of the Precincts efforts. County Committees number 5 - 9 should be made up of PD/PDD who are doing just that in their precincts. These committees should be there to facilitate the Precinct efforts and put on “Gala” county wide Events which will help both the Precinct and County.

The first 4 Committees have to do with motivating and funding the base.

The Concepts

The concept is to win votes, by winning volunteers who go out and into their neighborhoods and win more volunteers. The County Party should be there to facilitate them in their efforts.

The second concept is to help the candidates get elected to office. The first part of that is to get a base of volunteers at the precinct level to draw from for the campaign effort. The second is to have enough money raised to do what needs to be done at the election to help our Party Take Muskegon Back.

The third concept is to build a fully self sustaining Party at the County level that has ample resources self raised beholdin to none but the base. I think $50,000 come election is an obtainable goal. Half of that money should go to building the infrastructure for winning elections, such as phone banks buying lit. promoting the GOP name in the paper, perhaps a larger “Gala” Election rally for all candidates with a big “Draw” and keeping the HQ visible and highly active. The HQ serves as a focus that creates enthusiasm by just walking in. TV playing videos of campaign highlights. Another just on FOX that kind of thing. You can smell victory in an active HQ. This is crucial around election, but also helpful year round to be a focus for our activities especially attracting members.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Friday, November 14, 2008

Why the Extra Blog

I started off with my Live Dangerously blog all about my thoughts on National and sometimes State stuff. You know, philosophizing on the state of the union. Well that was nice and let me vent some of my anger, but the anger always would come back.

Next I came up with my Bottom Up Politic blog and that actually got me out into the community. At that time I also started to get into the local politics of this just finished election cycle. I realized that there was a million things to do and I could politic to my hearts content knowing I could never do it all. Everything I did right or wrong for the most part was accepted as there was noone else volunteering.

For me it was a heady time, I was impressed with the candidates I met, I got to understand from being around them that it wasn't about "philosophising" but more about service to the community. I continued to get into my community meeting people in politics and thru them other people most good some bad. I kept volunteering within the Muskegon County Republican Party anytime someone asked I volunteered unless I was already busy volunteering then I would still try to find a way.

Well I ended up touching most aspects of the campaign. I sat at the headquarters everyday and got to meet all the people coming in for yard signs and other Republican stuff. I got acquainted with all the Candidates and met most of the Dems too. I ended up volunteering for one candidate a lot. Again due to a lack of volunteers and my willingness gradually I became her campaign manager. Really just a glorified gopher but I did feel glorified to be a part of it all and near the end was actually starting to do some of the real Manager stuff. We along with every other Republican county wide candidate in Muskegon lost. That was tough to take as I truly believed we had the better qualified by far candidates. How could that happen?

Now that I have some experiance, at least enough to recognize the mistakes I made and to spot a bunch of things that the party could of done, or done better; I now am setting up this blog in the hope of doing some of those things I feel need to be done to effect the next election. To "ORGANIZE - Take Muskegon Back"

I talked with Holly Hughes awhile back and asked what she needed from the County Party the Most that she didn't get. She simply said more volunteers. Of all the other things the County Party could of done, Holly hit it on the head. We need volunteers. We need them because they are the lifeblood. When they join it means that the County Party is doing it's job by creating a real enough message that people will get behind and enthused about. They are the best advertisers of our message to their friends and family. Beats a robo call anyday.

Our Party's approach seemed self defeating without the new volunteers and the new ideas they bring. Forever drawing on a shrinking base. The party faithful worked long hours and hard but without that extra volunteer effort the base didn't come out to vote. I'm hoping that if we get back to a conservative common sense message, along with foccusing all our efforts into filling each precinct with volunteers and delegates and precinct captains and Republican clubs we can turn this cold blue state to a hot RED one.

The whole of my short experiance in politics has taught me that community service is the cornerstone of politics. Without that the public will continue to throw the bumns out. We have to reform government and politics. We have a lot of National leaders capable of that and we don't have to worry which one, there are easily 5 that are capable of using a true conservative agenda to win the White House in 2012, but they can't do it without the base, and the base needs to be organized some how. The base is the one that has to grow itself. That is what we almost totaly lacked this last time.

That is the purpose of this blog. I am putting out a plan I have which I tried to base upon the current structure of the Party. I based it upon what we claim in the Republican Lit. for the Precinct Delegates that we want. I am setting up this blog in the hopes of actually making it work. As Bobby Jindal says to "Act as we Talk".

Always feel free to contact me. See my side bar upper right for the #s.
I always us the signature of, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative
My name is Bob Carr
231-728-3455 any time.
I am a Proud Precinct Delegate just trying to do his job, I need your help

What is a Precint Delegate "Designate/Volunteer"?

What is a Precinct Delegate "Designate/Volunteer"?
Call it what you will but call it Important

1) As a "Designate/Volunteer" you will have no legal standing in the Party.

2) You will be asked to recruit other Volunteers as fellow "Designate/Volunteers".

3) You will be asked to try to organize your neighborhood, or help your Precinct Delegate to organize your neighborhood.

4) You will be asked come Primary time 2010 to run as a Precinct Delegate, perhaps against other "Designate/volunteerss" you may have recruited.

5) You will be asked to support them as fellow Republicans, with a smile.

6) You will be asked to do as much as you can.

Why Will I Want To Do This?

1) To make a difference, I want legal standing in my Party

2) To make a difference, we need all the Volunteers we can get.

3) To make a difference, my neighborhood needs to be more Republican.

4) To make a difference, I will feel confident that I will make an effective Precinct Delegate when elected, thru my actions and training as a Precinct Delegate "Designate/Volunteer". I will have gotten to know my neighbors and their issues. I will have had a hand in binging the Republican Party back into my Community. I will know that I have earned the right to be a Precinct Delegate.

5) To make a difference, I will need to work with not against my fellow Precinct volunteers.

6) To make a difference, I will not do more than I can, nor should I be expected to. That choice will always remain mine.

7) I will try to remember the goal is to elect Republicans to office, not anything else, having nothing to do with rank, or title. The titles are just part of the game. The real deal is to get votes, find votes, deliver votes.

I might add it's not for the money because there is none and will probably cost you not only money but your most valuable resource. YOUR TIMRE, If still interested read on.

The duties on the organizing front for a "Designate/Volunteer" are essentially the same as a Precinct Delegate. Look at a "Designate/Volunteer" as a Precinct Delegate in training.

Get hold of me or the Party
Bob Carr

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative