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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Nofs Update.

Just got the following email from Steve Sachs about the "Adopt a Precinct" program.

The logic is simple. We need to find all the Republicans we can then do all we can to persuade them to get to the polls and vote.


Sorry its taken me 3 days to get back with you. I had to track down this information and make sure it was finalized. Here is the information on the adopt-a-precinct program. Please feel free to blog about it.

The Michigan Republican Party recently announced a new program to help identify Republican voters in the 19th State Senate District. The "Adopt-A-Precinct" program is being led by Terri Reid, who is coordinating State Party efforts in the 19th District.

Here are some of the specifics of the program:
- County party or GOP group agrees to adopt a precinct (s) some counties are doing more than one
- Each precinct will have between 400-500 calls
- There will be printed bubble sheets and a script to follow.
- The script reads more like a poll than a straight ID script.
- We’re asking that once the list is received, the calls be completed within a week.
- The answers will be recorded on the bubble sheets
- Once completed, the sheets are sent back to MI GOP and we’ll scan them and append our file.

If your County Party, Young Republicans, College Republican or GOP group is interested in getting involved in the "Adopt-A-Precinct" program, please feel free to contact Terri at or 517-487-5413.

I'm working on information for the Jackson tea party.

Best Regards,

Steve Sachs

That is what Precinct Delegates are supposed to do. That is our job. At least part of it. As Marlene Shockley enlightened me at the Livingston County PD training workshop; PDs not only do the calling but learn their own precinct. Get to know all the residents at least whether they are Republican or Democrat. Record that info and pass it on.

Steve Sachs talks of appending the file, he is talking about voter vault. Marlene Shockley suggested in her talk that all PDs have access to at least their Precinct to update the information.

Reading through the list you can see why it will take a county to adopt a Precinct. With 4-500 phone calls to make in a week it would need 5 people min. to make this a simple task.

If you've never done this before, 100 calls to strangers is a lot to do at a time. 20 a day for 5 days is more doable. Especially if we are expected to call back the no answers. That would take 5 dedicated PDs.

Remember too that we will be using our own phones and all the calls will be long distance. Se we need, not only 5 people but they each need unlimited minutes.

I will call Terri Reid tomorrow and get more details, then bring it to our Musk. County Republican Caucus the 13th. See if they want to do it.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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