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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Nofs Website

New Website for Mike Nofs is up and running. I’ve linked the page describing the “Jobs First, Jobs Now” plan Mike has and how he hopes to accomplish it.


The site is pretty interactive with a few goodies thrown in. Being a history nut I enjoyed a scrolling side bar with some historical oddities I found interesting. Browse through the site and see what you rate it.

His pitch for donations seemed appropriate. This race will be one of the most costly, and on top of that there is little time to raise the money necessary. While I realize he will be getting a lot from the State Party and other bigger doners, I appreciated that his pitch was centered on his “19 Club”. While he may of wished he was running in the 34 District, lol; it shows that he has a feel for the people in his district and is willing to let them decide what to contribute. I’m sure some will donate more as they see fit.

From this lack of condescension our State and National parties could take a lesson. Sometimes I feel the parties think that websites are just to raise money, they forget that the purpose of raising money is to attract voters. The primary purpose of a website should be to do just that. The money will follow. Planting the seed is enough. Paraphrasing Haley Barbour at the State GOP convention. The guy that gives you $20 will vote for you, the place giving you $5,000, is hedging his bets as they probably gave the same amount or more to the other party.

I paid my $19 to join Mike's club.

I liked Mike at first because I thought I should. Then I met him, and some of his organization, went to an event to hear him talk live. Now I’ve seen his website and the way he is campaigning and now I’m pleasantly surprised that I still Like Mike.

The guy grows on you.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.

PS, I’ll have some info from Mike at our upcoming PD training workshop, May 2nd. Still hoping to gin up enough enthusiasm on this side of the state so our County Party will “Adopt a Precinct” and help win this all important “special election” this November. I’d like to think we took care of business as we “get off the pot”.


Big Mark said...

I was looking to attend a few meetings and also to become involved with the GOP here in Muskegon. Now I see the Muskegon GOP has invited Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman to speak at a Muskegon County Republican Party event Saturday.
I guess Muskegon isn’t ready to be taken back…

live dangerously said...

Again sorry I missed your multiple posts.

If I wanted to wait till Muskegon is "ready" to be taken back, it never will be.

If I waited for a perfect candidate to vote for, I would have nothing to do election day.

If I looked for a reason not to do something, I would do nothing; the reasons are legion.

So I decided to try to find out how to make Muskegon "ready" to be taken back.

I try to actively promote the most conservative GOP I find. I'm trying to find people to make a difference however small.

I think the party is worth changing. I will listen to what others say before I judge them on what I might call the GOP Politicaly Correct mantra. Like the Dems PC BS, ours also is demeaning to us.

Keep pushing Big Mark,just beware of the knee jerkers of both parties.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.

I did a Huntman, Voorhees, Snowe piece on Bottom Up Politics April 30th. Check it out. He Mark come to the PD work shop and stay for the lunch and listen to him yourself. Be happy to see you.

Big Mark said...

I know what you are saying, it is a shame members in the party continue to keep their heads in the sand.
I do plan on getting involved. My problem is I am very out spoken and call it the way I see it.
I ight make it to one of the up coming meetings.

live dangerously said...

Hey Big Guy, you're welcome to give it a shot. There is also a "Tea Party" type thing in Muskegon being planned for May 23rd by the same people that put the April 15th one on in Musk. Check my side bar scroll down to calendar for news of that.
Have a good one
Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative