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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Karen Buie's "Surprise" B-Day Party

Got this email from Bob Scolnik. That guy is quick.

TO ALL: Please join us at a SURPRISE BIRTHDAY PARTY FOR KAREN BUIE! Sunday, May 31st at the Bent Pine Golf Course Club House from 3 - 5 PM. Lunch will be served...please arrive a little before 3 PM. Please RSVP to Karen's husband, Larry Jenkins at: or call him at (713) 882-8931. We hope to see you there!
Bob & Merle

Karen Buie-Jenkins Surprise Birthday Celebration

When....................Sunday May 31st, 2009
Where...................2480 Duck Lake Road, Whitehall MI 49461
Bent Pine Golf Course Club House
(Take Whitehall Road to Duck Lake Road & Turn Left)
Time.....................3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
RSVP (713) 882-8931 Larry Jenkins or RSVP by Email

I talked with Larry and he said that all are welcome to come and say hi to Karen and enjoy. He also said I could post this and it wouldn't hurt the "Surprise"

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Calendar of Events

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Voulnteering and just watching

I spent Sunday volunteering and then just plain watching what others had volunteered to help put on. First about the volunteering.

Want to get involved in your community? It is as simple as asking “What Can I Do Today?”

Keep it simple though. Just let them know you can help with something for a specific amount of time etc. Do something you want to do, something you think will make you happy. Something you think will fit you. I say "You Think" because volunteering tests what you think. Remember some surprises are pleasant.

There are lots of things and good causes to pick from. Don’t fret about picking the perfect one. Just pick one put in a couple hours helping out and see if you like it. If not and you didn’t make any grandiose promises; it’s a win win situation. You learned something and they got some needed help.

Then the "work" starts. I call it work, but I consider it a fulfilling and constructive use of my time. If I considered it actually work, I would become a “Paid” volunteer and start demanding my rights. Instead I volunteer and exert my rights to keep them strong.

The knowledge I seek I try to learn from the doing.

I “work” where I feel I’m needed. I work with whom I choose. On rare occasions this type of grouping seems to overcome some strong type A personalities. The egos disappear and everyone pitches in and things get done seemingly without effort. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in some Wall St. boardroom or at a local charity event; when it happens it is a joy to be involved. The concept of “work” never even enters into it. Sorry for lack of pics. As we got busy. The pics were taken before the event as we were setting up and sorry to Ruben as he couldn't come untill 10:00 I believe. That he was able to come at all is a wonder as he has two full time jobs.

Click on pics to enlarge

This happened Sunday from 7am till around 2pm in Fruitport at the Car Show, a part of Old Fashioned Days. Mike, Morning, myself and someone I just met named Ruben got together and worked at a tent selling coffee, pop and donuts and later grilled up hotdogs and hamburgs for sale. Ruben did most of the cooking, he was good at it.

Mike is the one who set up the whole thing, he did all the work. He brought the trailer full of all the supplies, and grill and coolers galore, Ice and food and pop and all that including the tent tables and chairs etc. That guy is a piece of work. The rest of us just helped set up the stuff then sell the goodies. Mike made that experience possible.

I’m blogging about how we took the stuff there and turned it into a well run little deal. After a short break in period we all just did what was needed, changing rolls on the fly to get the job done. I left for a couple hours as I was obliged to see the “Lost Boat” Ceremony in Muskegon. I managed to get back and help out a couple more hours then help tear it all back down and load it up. My kudos to Mike,Morning and Ruben.

I blog about this stuff to constantly remind me that keeping my ego out of things is a major thing I need to work at. I actually volunteer vs. writing about it, to help to also keep reality in the equation. (ego+ego) + cooperation = a get it done attitude = contentment in a job well done. Kind of the plus side of ego.

In between the Car Show I attended the “Lost Boat” event in Muskegon at the USS Silversides museum on South side of the Muskegon Lake Channel. This I’m ashamed to say is the first time I attended. Hat/Tip to Muskegon Pundit and Gordo.

It was a beautiful day, it was a moving ceremony which actually took place upon the deck of the submarine. Bleachers were set along side with seating behind and also from the Museum deck behind that. Everything combined to make this a good memorial to those who lost their lives helping defend our freedom. There was a rear Admiral, local dignitaries, a symphony orchestra playing John Phillip Sousa stuff, an excellent trumpet player (Pamela Smitter Baker) on the top bridge playing taps.

Be sure to click on pic below. She could play that horn.

The Tolling of the Boats was moving.
During the War, over 50 boats were lost, some with all their crew. As each boat was read off and the way they were lost stated, the Bell would toll once. The shear numbers of crew and boats lost were impressive. As I listened to the different ways in which they were lost and or captured and held prisioner, I couldn't help but better understand the sacrifices that were made for me a baby boomer, and our country.

There was also a flyover with a missing plane formation. A perfect simulatation of the sacrifices made by them. My pics are not great but you get the idea.

Most impressive were the surviving sub vets, dressed to the teeth. Their strength and pride were evident even after all these years. I was glad to have witnessed this. When I was home that evening I viewed a one hour documentary flick I rented from NetFlix called "Submarines - Steel Boats, Iron Men. A point made in the movie was that on board a submarine (more so than any other branch of the military) the crew lived, had to live as a close knit family. They had to not only be polite but watch and help each other due to their long confinement in small spaces. As I watched the "Survivors" I could still tell the bond was there. I hope the pic below showes some of that.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Web site stuff.

I know the web site sucks. We are trying to reorganize it. Don't spend much time there or you will get frustrated. We are working to get changes made. What can I say, it's a process. We meet then we hash out something then it gets sent on to someone to make the change. It takes time, but we are making progress.

Spent an extra morning at Carmen's today. The three originators of the "Carmen Group" met "off Day" Wed. morning to get some business done on the web site. This was a follow up to our larger meeting earlier in the week. Some new changes will be coming to the site. A calendar and new and better coming events.

A plus for me was the information relating to Precinct Delegates and their duties.

We are trying to make it a lot more personal with pics of events and articles about what and how the GOPers are interacting with the community.

We also are putting up buttons to help us and readers get involved. We hope this part of the web site will grow into an educational tool for those who want to learn about out city village and township governments, with links to scheduled meeting and articles on how to get involved in your municiple government.

We are striving for ways to make it easier for people to become involved not only in their governments and communities but show how the Republican party can be of help to do just that.

We have tried to set up the methods for timely change, time will tell. Tomorrow is the Reg. Carmen Group. We'll talk about it some more I'm sure.

Like I said don't waste much time here yet, put us on your favorites and check back at least once a week. In a couple, the changes will start appearing.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Update just in. Got an email from Josh about the 23rd veterans appreciation event being put on by Muskegon Patriots.
Well, we now have someone for an invocation, live singer for the anthem, and parking permission for the side of the causeway! Looks it looks as though everything has come together for the event. If you think of anything thats missing let me know. Otherwise we will see you there on Saturday... good luck with your other apt.
A singer, invocation and legal parking on the sides of the causeway. See you there at 10:30 sharp. We have sound system and music provided by Chris Beck and three speakers. We'll be rockin on the river flats in the desolation in land of Mordor, under the mighty tower of Suaron himself. As we hold our banners high we look to the West in these perilous times, fighting a delaying battle hoping for Gandolf the White.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pipe Dreams and other things

Updates, we had our County GOP Meeting. The only really new business was that the County Party nailed down the location for the Aug 8th Grand Old Picnic which will be held at Pamona Park.

It was discussed by the Precinct Delegate chair that we were planning on a coffee and donut get together, June 13th and not just PDs were invited but volunteers too. We may not put PD in the name for the donut and coffee thing. It was also discussed that nothing much would be done this summer as it was summer and what not, and that we need not do anything until closer to the election, to his benefit Farhat our Chair thought perhaps we should do something. Again it was brought up about our not overwhelming the Precinct Delegates. We at least are succeeding at that.

Also the idea of me doing interviews of the township officials was canned. Not the idea of the interviews just the me part. It wasn’t my idea to start with and I guess my proposal on how I’d like to do it wasn’t accepted. I got an email, nothing was said at the meeting. I was asked I offered, we are both off the hook.

I’ll just keep blogging as I want and volunteer for stuff. I seem to do better one on one outside the party anyway. I’d like to get with a candidate however, and I have one in mind. As it happens, and as I’m permitted, I’ll share how that works.
My quirky talents may work better for a candidate than a party anyway.

Getting back to the meeting we did have a college Republican attend and he was frank about his desire to run for State if not National office in 10 years. It was good to see some fire in the belly of someone under 50 for a change. I suggested that he work for another candidate and start to learn the game. I also told him to try to start building up his base by doing things, by getting involved with his age group as well as they will be his voters in ten years. Start a young Republican group, I wish him well and told him to feel free to call etc. I’d be happy to help as he wants it. I’m sure he’ll get all the help he doesn’t want.

The Muskegon Patriots May 23rd event honoring our Veterans Is moving right along. I blogged on Bottom up Politics about the details of the event.


Blue Sky Lions news.
In an emergency meeting called to accept change or deny a lease agreement with the City of Muskegon for the Old Fire Barn and Blue Sky Lions; nothing was decided. After both sides threw down their gauntlets and threatened to pull out it became obvious nothing was going to be decided.

This Club was formed with over 50 members and over the course of a few months, we find ourselves down to 4-8 people, bickering and arguing. Each meeting is chaired by a different person, so the next meeting we argue about the previous meeting and what THEY did. The good will and public support for this has dried up as seems obvious by the lack of attendance. Well I decided I’d had enough and left. I found out late nothing was decided.

I got into this hoping to help the youth of Muskegon one on one. This is not proving to be the case I’m afraid. The International Lions are the ones footing the bill for the renovations etc for the Old Fire Barn. The Blue Sky Lions would be responsible for raising approx. $25-30,000 @ yr. min. for the overhead of Ins and utilities and programs. The only volunteer (unpaid) that I heard came from the International Lions. They have the contractors lined up who will do the work for free. I could help out there. The Blue Sky Lions only seem interested in applying for grants so they can buy volunteers to man the programs.

Sorry, so far I don’t like what I’m hearing. This group lost the only fundraiser it had because we couldn’t find enough volunteers to man a candy bar booth at “Old Fashioned Days”!! This was a proven money maker and was given to us by the Fruitport Lions and we had to give it back. I’m sure though given enough time we could write a grant somehow to fund that fundraising effort for next year. In the mean time I and another are going to help the Lions of Fruitport for generosity and how we left them holding the bag for their troubles.

I just feel my little efforts in our Love Community Garden was more fruitful (forgive the pun) than all the time and fruitless (there I go again) meetings I’ve gone to in connection to Blue Sky Lions. I could’ve spent a nice Sat. morning instead helping at the First Congregational Church serving breakfast, actually helping others instead of helping further someone else’s agenda. There are way too many helpful things to do out there than waste my time, wandering around in a bureaucratic maze.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Monday, May 18, 2009

Muskegon Patriots Veteran Day Event + some updates.

Muskegon Patriots had another organizational meeting for the May 23rd event they are putting on at Veteran's Memorial Park on the Causeway between Musk. and North Musk. Here is a link to the event on their new and always getting better website.


I was pleasantly surprised by the turnout. I counted 12 people. We are optomistic about the turnout. Josh has talked with the police to make sure things will go smoothly. There will be three speakers, and a sound system, as before. The speeches will not be long this time. This is about Veterans.

I just noticed that there is no home button on the above link. Below is a link to the home page.


If you notice there are now shirts and hats and buttons for sale. These will be for sale at the event the 23rd of May. These will be for sale through the 4th of July event in Lansing. See Website for info. Josh is working on a pay pal way of ordering them off the web site. We are working on how much postage is etc.Please keep coming back to the site as it is changing almost every day at this point. I just bought the shirts and they will be for sale at the May 23rd Veteran's Tribute.

Remember this is a volunteer outfit. No dues, the money to do what we've done has come from the pocket of mainly Josh. These shirts etc, and our donation jar are to help keep this alive. We are more than happy to break even. We decided at this last meeting that we needed to get some money to break even in order to keep this going.

Josh is very adamant and we agree about transparency. Receipts are on the web site, at least a quickly as they can be collected scanned and entered.


In other local news, on my way to the post office to check postage costs, on my way from Shirts N Stuff where we ordered our shirts etc. I drove down Getty and past Pastor Duncan's church next door to the projects. I previously attended a tent revival and blogged a couple times about his selfless ministry on my Bottom Up Politics blog.


Well as I was driving past I noticed his big nearly semi sized trailer open and I did a u turn and stopped. I hadn't seen him in a long time. The windows of his church/activity center were broke and he had found some large windows in remainder at some warehouse in Battle Creek if I remember rightly. He was delivering them to his church. Also there were some people out helping clean up the property and he was mowing it.

We talked and once I made sure that he wasn't getting grant money, I volunteered to offer my services to help design and install the windows setup. He seemed genuinely happy to accept my help. I gave him my blog/Precinct Delegate card and we had a good talk about the evils of bureaucracy and the hooks governtment money has and the trouble it can cause. We even talked about Dave Ramsey and the financial ministry Ramsey has on the radio.

I hope to get involved with this. Anyone else out there in the trades that want to lend a hand feel free to contact me.

Bob Carr

Friday, May 15, 2009

Muskegon didn't Adopt a Precinct

1. “Adopt a Precinct”.

Just called the Mike Nofs' Campaign for an update and talked with Steve Sachs. The campaign is in the middle of their Jobs First Bus Tour of the 19th State Senate District comprised of Jackson and Calhoun Counties. Steve said Mike was excited by the large turnouts he has been seeing. I was excited by the way Mike is conducting this campaign. This Jobs First Bus Tour is a “Bottom Up Politics” type of thing.

I then asked Steve about the “Adopt a Precinct” program and whether they were making headway. I was hoping for something positive. I got more good news than I wanted. Muskegon County no longer has to worry about me pushing the “Adopt a Precinct” program. It’s too late for us. Steve said of the 167 precincts in the 19th Senate District they only have 12 left to fill and they will be filled by the end of the week. Sounds like a lot of counties around the state realized the importance of this race and put their efforts where their mouths were.

From the response I received from Muskegon County, I see that I need to work on my Salesmanship skills. Anyway that is awesome news for the Nofs Campaign. Steve said I was welcome to join up on my own and others also. I’m debating, what about any of you? A little door to door in a foreign county seem like fun? No passport needed.

He also said that the county chairs will be mailed a letter asking for financial help. I told him good luck with that. Lol.

Kudos however to the State Party, Terri Reid and Holly for their roles in making this happen.

As I’ve blogged in the past this election is more important than just getting a better majority in the Senate; it is about showing voters that the Republicans are not dead. It could be about drop kicking some enthusiasm into other close races across the state the following year (2010). For all you sports fans, it is about momentum. This Special Election could be great for the Party. Mike Nofs is a serious fiscal Conservative. This will be a crucial race for us to win.

I feel Mike Nofs seems to have found a way to tap into the angst out there as evidenced by the Tea Party popularity. But make no mistake the Dems will throw everything including the kitchen sink into this race to stop that from happening. Dirty politics won’t take long to emerge. If Mike wins against that onslaught; other Candidates should take note for the elections in 2010.

Friday, May 8, 2009

I Want Specifics

Specifics Specifics I holler. I want some specifics.

Sounds good, I’m getting out there telling everyone what we need. We need specifics, we can’t get anything done without specifics.

OOOOOOPS. What the hell do they expect me to do now? WORK????.

Jack McHugh sent out an email from the Mackinaw Center with a whole list of specifics, three lists to be precise. Damn him anyway. Who does he think he is anyway? Does he think he works for a think tank or something?

Well all kidding aside, his email is great. His three tools are blueprints on how to gather information on legislators and public officials with questionairs and research links to allow us to become fluent on what our elected officials have done to protect our individual freedoms.

Specifics well here are some links filled up with them.

Here is the email in full. I must admit to admiring Jack McHugh. I keep comparing him and McCotter to William F Buckley. Just me. Also I didn't put all the links in but just go to the web site I did highlight it's all there.


Friends -

Since the Tea Parties, the questions that everyone has been asking are "what next?" and "what else can we do?"

The Mackinac Center has posted three important tools with some answers. All three are now live on

The first is "Tea Party Activists have Attitude," and it describes the 'tude they should have to change the incentives on members of the political class.
(First item: "Tea Party activists aren't impressed that their politician is a 'nice guy.' They're all 'nice guys' - get over it, and hold them accountable for their deeds rather than their smile.")

The second installment is called "Ten Minute Tea Party Activist" and it lists 10 specific actions activists can do.
These are more sophisticated than the usual "civic creed" nostrums - I think you will like. This list is now live on (and will be the featured Current Comment on Monday).

Finally, a "Candidate Quesionnaire for Tea Party Activists" provides "hard-to-dodge questions that suggest whether a candidate for the Michigan Legislature actually supports limited government principles."
Emphasis on "hard to dodge" - these go way beyond the "Do you support tax and spending cuts?" that they all say "yes" to, and which tell you nothing.

Please don't hesitate to spread these tools far and wide.

Thanks for all you do.


Jack McHugh

Now I know this email was about more than political parties. It was to give us the tools to hold our political parties and the individual politicians in them accountable to the people and to conservative ideas of fiscal responsibility thru smaller government.

I post this email, these tools on this blog as I see them as a prime way for PDs to educate themselves about candidates so we can influence our party and people we know to influence elections in order to elect officials who better reflect what we want.

The Macinac Center is at the forefront not only State wide but nationally of formulating conservative solutions to the problems of the day. They luckily were in position with the infrastructure in place to help lead this ground swell and not let is waste itself upon the shore.

If you have time also check out their recent study and videos on Michigan’s Film Initiative. Mac Center are the ones leading the charge in putting out viable solutions. Their three “tools” are a great example. They have been doing this ground-breaking stuff for a long time now.

There is another Jack out there in right field and his name is Jack Hoegendyk a blogger and ex congressman from around Kazoo who has been fighting and continues to fight the good fight for common sense government since I can remember.
I also got the following email from him. Echoing the other Jack’s remarks. I saw them both by the way at the Tea Party in Lansing.


What Do These "Tea-party"
People Stand For?

If you haven't already figured it out, the tea-party movement is not a passing fad. Excitement and passion for real change is growing; the April 15th events were not the climax, but the beginning.

The word 'change' has been used to the point were it has practically lost its meaning, but the tea parties have demonstrated that taxpayers are not looking for change to come from government, they want to bring change TO government.

This movement has grown to where it may lead to a realignment of political parties. I have been hearing since 2007, when Republicans went along with the tax and fee increases and enacted them into law, that we have only two options as voters: Democrat and Democrat-light.

It is time elected officials wake up and realize this is real. Voters will be looking for something very different in candidates for office in 2010 and they won't be easily fooled. They will be seeking candidates who believe in:
• Individual Liberty
• Personal Responsibility
• Limited Government
• Economic Freedom
Voters believe government has grown too large, spends too much, taxes too much and intrudes into every aspect of their lives: their schools, their homes, their businesses, and their private property. They want a government that protects their constitutionally guaranteed rights to life, liberty and property. Voters are looking for candidates who value the rule of law and the protection of human life from conception to natural death.

Right now, neither party has the interests of the voters and taxpayers at heart. Voters are convinced that elected officials, regardless of party are concerned first and foremost about their next election, and that they only listen to the lobbyists and special interests, the takers who continue to demand more dollars from the state coffers.

If I were an elected official, I would be nervous, if not worried. Incumbency will have less value than it has in many years, and it may even be a detriment. Voters will be demanding accountability; they will be asking questions and expecting answers, not platitudes. Party affiliation will not help either. Candidates in "safe" districts will not be able to assume that if they win the primary, they have the election in the bag. None of the old rules will apply. It will be a very interesting election year.

I welcome your feedback, feel free to send me a note.

Read the blog!

Find out who stands between you and higher taxes. Read about the latest tax and fee schemes being proposed in the legislature...and MORE!
Sorry the graphics didn't come thru. Go to his blog it is great.

I don’t know what else to say but join the revolution. Let's Organize and Bring Change TO Government. It's spring and time to start pruning.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Grass Roots and Gardening

We , the Muskegon County Republican party had it’s first ever Precinct Delegate Workshop. This was a spur of the moment event trying to tie it in with the Jon Huntsman Dinner a half hour later in the day. For not being a formal workshop affair, it came off nicely. I was excited our County Leadership decided to have one.

Click on any pic to enlarge

It was a first step. I hope it was the ice breaker we needed. Christina Acterhoff the Fruitland Township clerk gave a talk. As our County Chair David Farhat said we need to first learn to crawl then walk then run. Well being the unrealistic, pushy hot head we all know me to be; I’m glad the crawling is over.

Seriously though the people who were there seemed willing to do something. As Marlene Chockley said in her formal Precinct Delegate Workshop she put on in Brighton that I attended; “people just need to be asked”. That’s the PDs job, It’s also our job now to quickly get them something to do. Something short easy and quick yet and here is the main point; something important that will help us make a difference come 2010

Pat Uriarte as Chairperson of the PD Committee for the County was there and taking names and talking to the PDs that showed up. At the meeting Susie our Vice Chair said she needed our list of Republicans and possible Republicans contacted and updated. This could be the first official PD job to do. This list needs first to be put in order by Precinct then given in pieces to the PDs we have and whoever else they can recruit to call the people and confirm their address etc. We need to figure out a script to give the PDs along with the names in their precinct. A chain of command to pass the findings on to so the list will actually be changed and become a better tool to get out the vote when the time comes.

The PDs can also use this as a way to get their foot in the door of their precinct.
If you follow this blog you know I’m big on PDs being the backbone of this party. If the National, State , and County Party are willing to listen to PDs they are willing to change. That is the first step. Our County Party Sat. morning took that first step. Now we few, we proud, we PDs that took that step with them need to do the rest of it.

David Farhat sent an email to the PDs congratulating us and suggesting a regular meeting at our headquarters. I would like to see our PD Committee Chair Pat call a meeting of PDs to discuss that or an email thing.

I would like to try to set up a formal PD Workshop designed on more of a how to basis instead of a goal oriented one. David Farhat’s suggestion for a regular meeting could be about the startegy for the election and deciding what the PDs should do and what they can and will do etc.

The main thing at this point is to work with the PDs we have. Get them what they can use, like precinct maps and any lists of republicans in their precincts. Susie started with a list of PDs. Check out my side bar and I have other useful stuff to navigate your precincts. The main thing is the old standby question. What Can I Do Today? That has gotten me off my feet more often than not. Just walking around a couple of blocks looking at my neighbors, and maybe just saying hi to someone works. Anything is better than nothing.

Hopefully this blog site can serve as a tool to help us live up to its name.

Organize-Take Muskegon Back.

Regards, Live Dangerously.

After that there was a nice luncheon with Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr of Utah. Nice to see in person someone who might be running for President in 2012. I was too fired up by the PD thing, I enjoyed the networking this luncheon provided. Got some good talk with Jim McCormick and Goeff Hansen. Oh yeah Mr. Yob brought his guy with him who is running for Gov. and showed him around. Like I said I was having more fun talking to the real people there.

After the PD Workshop I changed clothes and was able to help out at a service project put on by the new Blue Sky Lions club of Muskegon. Helped my friends in my neighborhood; Morning Bear, Pastor Phillips and fellow gardeners had a chance to get some dirt and lumber to build some raised beds on our garden we started last year at Pastor Phillips’ Love Fellowship Baptist Church with his blessing and help.

Below some before pic.

Next are some during pics.

Next are some after pics. We did good.

As you can see from the pictures it turned out pretty well. The Lions especially Mike and Sue helped out a lot. Mike Brought the equipment. In the end after the normal struggles we finished before dark. What a great improvement over last year. Don’t get me wrong, the garden did good last year. But this year there will be no stopping us.

A big Bottom Up Salute for all those who helped especially Morning Bear, Pastor Phillips, Al and Mike and Sue.

King of the jungle maybe, but I learned even Lions get tired.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative