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Friday, May 8, 2009

I Want Specifics

Specifics Specifics I holler. I want some specifics.

Sounds good, I’m getting out there telling everyone what we need. We need specifics, we can’t get anything done without specifics.

OOOOOOPS. What the hell do they expect me to do now? WORK????.

Jack McHugh sent out an email from the Mackinaw Center with a whole list of specifics, three lists to be precise. Damn him anyway. Who does he think he is anyway? Does he think he works for a think tank or something?

Well all kidding aside, his email is great. His three tools are blueprints on how to gather information on legislators and public officials with questionairs and research links to allow us to become fluent on what our elected officials have done to protect our individual freedoms.

Specifics well here are some links filled up with them.

Here is the email in full. I must admit to admiring Jack McHugh. I keep comparing him and McCotter to William F Buckley. Just me. Also I didn't put all the links in but just go to the web site I did highlight it's all there.


Friends -

Since the Tea Parties, the questions that everyone has been asking are "what next?" and "what else can we do?"

The Mackinac Center has posted three important tools with some answers. All three are now live on

The first is "Tea Party Activists have Attitude," and it describes the 'tude they should have to change the incentives on members of the political class.
(First item: "Tea Party activists aren't impressed that their politician is a 'nice guy.' They're all 'nice guys' - get over it, and hold them accountable for their deeds rather than their smile.")

The second installment is called "Ten Minute Tea Party Activist" and it lists 10 specific actions activists can do.
These are more sophisticated than the usual "civic creed" nostrums - I think you will like. This list is now live on (and will be the featured Current Comment on Monday).

Finally, a "Candidate Quesionnaire for Tea Party Activists" provides "hard-to-dodge questions that suggest whether a candidate for the Michigan Legislature actually supports limited government principles."
Emphasis on "hard to dodge" - these go way beyond the "Do you support tax and spending cuts?" that they all say "yes" to, and which tell you nothing.

Please don't hesitate to spread these tools far and wide.

Thanks for all you do.


Jack McHugh

Now I know this email was about more than political parties. It was to give us the tools to hold our political parties and the individual politicians in them accountable to the people and to conservative ideas of fiscal responsibility thru smaller government.

I post this email, these tools on this blog as I see them as a prime way for PDs to educate themselves about candidates so we can influence our party and people we know to influence elections in order to elect officials who better reflect what we want.

The Macinac Center is at the forefront not only State wide but nationally of formulating conservative solutions to the problems of the day. They luckily were in position with the infrastructure in place to help lead this ground swell and not let is waste itself upon the shore.

If you have time also check out their recent study and videos on Michigan’s Film Initiative. Mac Center are the ones leading the charge in putting out viable solutions. Their three “tools” are a great example. They have been doing this ground-breaking stuff for a long time now.

There is another Jack out there in right field and his name is Jack Hoegendyk a blogger and ex congressman from around Kazoo who has been fighting and continues to fight the good fight for common sense government since I can remember.
I also got the following email from him. Echoing the other Jack’s remarks. I saw them both by the way at the Tea Party in Lansing.


What Do These "Tea-party"
People Stand For?

If you haven't already figured it out, the tea-party movement is not a passing fad. Excitement and passion for real change is growing; the April 15th events were not the climax, but the beginning.

The word 'change' has been used to the point were it has practically lost its meaning, but the tea parties have demonstrated that taxpayers are not looking for change to come from government, they want to bring change TO government.

This movement has grown to where it may lead to a realignment of political parties. I have been hearing since 2007, when Republicans went along with the tax and fee increases and enacted them into law, that we have only two options as voters: Democrat and Democrat-light.

It is time elected officials wake up and realize this is real. Voters will be looking for something very different in candidates for office in 2010 and they won't be easily fooled. They will be seeking candidates who believe in:
• Individual Liberty
• Personal Responsibility
• Limited Government
• Economic Freedom
Voters believe government has grown too large, spends too much, taxes too much and intrudes into every aspect of their lives: their schools, their homes, their businesses, and their private property. They want a government that protects their constitutionally guaranteed rights to life, liberty and property. Voters are looking for candidates who value the rule of law and the protection of human life from conception to natural death.

Right now, neither party has the interests of the voters and taxpayers at heart. Voters are convinced that elected officials, regardless of party are concerned first and foremost about their next election, and that they only listen to the lobbyists and special interests, the takers who continue to demand more dollars from the state coffers.

If I were an elected official, I would be nervous, if not worried. Incumbency will have less value than it has in many years, and it may even be a detriment. Voters will be demanding accountability; they will be asking questions and expecting answers, not platitudes. Party affiliation will not help either. Candidates in "safe" districts will not be able to assume that if they win the primary, they have the election in the bag. None of the old rules will apply. It will be a very interesting election year.

I welcome your feedback, feel free to send me a note.

Read the blog!

Find out who stands between you and higher taxes. Read about the latest tax and fee schemes being proposed in the legislature...and MORE!
Sorry the graphics didn't come thru. Go to his blog it is great.

I don’t know what else to say but join the revolution. Let's Organize and Bring Change TO Government. It's spring and time to start pruning.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.

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