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Thursday, April 2, 2009

PD ALERT Help Mike Nofs win back the 19th district State Senate Seat

Help Mike Nofs win back the 19th district State Senate Seat

Just had a call from Steve Sachs, who is working on the Mike Nofs 19th district State Senate Seat campaign. He got my name from Holly Hughes, our National Committee Woman. The chain of command does work, always slower than one hopes, but in this case actually pretty fast.

Steve told me that April 22nd would be the date Mike Nofs will formerly announce he is running for the State Senate. I was assured that Mike has been pretty active already pounding the flesh trying to get his message out.

A shocker to me was the dollar amounts that Steve Sachs told me might end up being involved in the race. Remember this race is in November of this year. NOT 2010. He was talking of each side spending $2 million apiece. That is a big wow. A state race. The recent New York 20th US congress race was only ½ that. You saw the attention that garnered.

Is this an important race? Well if money talks, we should all be buying ear plugs for all the yelling to come.

Steve gave some reasons for the extra expense. First was that he said the area is a 3 market area meaning to cover all the people in the area they had to spend 3 times the amount. He told me NY 20 was one market. Also he pointed out that the 19th was large and rural area making door to door cost more etc.

Underneath all this was the reality that Stryker the Democrat go to money guy would be getting heavily into this, and if we wanted to compete we needed to compete financially too.

I said I would do all I could in Muskegon to try and fire up the troops. He is mailing me some lit I’ll pass out to our County Party at our next meeting.

I had an idea and thought I’d run it by Holly, and she in her wisdom showed me the error of my ways. During the conversation we talked about the “Adopt A Precinct” program and the progress so far. If my notes are correct, the counties of Kent, Ottawa and Oakland were on board with a bus load of volunteers each for the 19th.
That is great news; perhaps if I can’t get people here interested, I can hook up with Ottawa or Kent. Save some gas type of thing.

I’m also finding out that the demands upon Holly as National Committee Woman are pretty huge. She didn’t say so, but during our conversation I began to understand the work she does for the party. She for example has a meeting the 15th to plead Michigan’s case for funds to the NRC. She said we have a good case to make with the Governorship up for grabs, not to mention the Congressional Race. But everyone will be pleading broke so I wish her luck. I hope she makes her case well. She has meetings with Wiser and Steele. She is busy recruiting and dissuading candidates for office. All this and I’m sure she is anxious to get into the game herself. State Rep or maybe State Senate???

Getting back to the 19th she told me to leave the money to the money people and concentrate on the people. The PDs. Not having any money of my own I thought that was a good idea.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

PS. If you want to get involved, give me a call and I’ll be happy to get you lit. and or put you in touch with someone. Who says we can't get a bus like Kent County?

Bob Carr 231-728-3455

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