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Friday, November 14, 2008

What is a Precint Delegate "Designate/Volunteer"?

What is a Precinct Delegate "Designate/Volunteer"?
Call it what you will but call it Important

1) As a "Designate/Volunteer" you will have no legal standing in the Party.

2) You will be asked to recruit other Volunteers as fellow "Designate/Volunteers".

3) You will be asked to try to organize your neighborhood, or help your Precinct Delegate to organize your neighborhood.

4) You will be asked come Primary time 2010 to run as a Precinct Delegate, perhaps against other "Designate/volunteerss" you may have recruited.

5) You will be asked to support them as fellow Republicans, with a smile.

6) You will be asked to do as much as you can.

Why Will I Want To Do This?

1) To make a difference, I want legal standing in my Party

2) To make a difference, we need all the Volunteers we can get.

3) To make a difference, my neighborhood needs to be more Republican.

4) To make a difference, I will feel confident that I will make an effective Precinct Delegate when elected, thru my actions and training as a Precinct Delegate "Designate/Volunteer". I will have gotten to know my neighbors and their issues. I will have had a hand in binging the Republican Party back into my Community. I will know that I have earned the right to be a Precinct Delegate.

5) To make a difference, I will need to work with not against my fellow Precinct volunteers.

6) To make a difference, I will not do more than I can, nor should I be expected to. That choice will always remain mine.

7) I will try to remember the goal is to elect Republicans to office, not anything else, having nothing to do with rank, or title. The titles are just part of the game. The real deal is to get votes, find votes, deliver votes.

I might add it's not for the money because there is none and will probably cost you not only money but your most valuable resource. YOUR TIMRE, If still interested read on.

The duties on the organizing front for a "Designate/Volunteer" are essentially the same as a Precinct Delegate. Look at a "Designate/Volunteer" as a Precinct Delegate in training.

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Bob Carr

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