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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Suggestions What do you think ??

I sent this email out last night to several individuals mainly in the party. I'm interested in seeing their reactions if any. Our Executive Committee meeting is this coming Monday at 5:30 at the Henry St HQ. Everyone's welcome.
Thought I'd give them something to talk about. But since this directly is about Precinct politics I decided in the tradition of transparency to post it here.

Suggested Projects (Methods and Goals) For the County Party

1. Speakers Committee
A. Set up a regular monthly speaker meeting.
Try to focus on enthusiasm building.
Just local to start, Get Jerry Van Workhom or
Pete etc to talk. Any one with a good
Republican message.
B. Make sure to push the idea of fun, along with
Motivational and informational.
C. These as with all things we will keep an eye on the
Bottom line. Try to make some money. At
Least break even.
D. Pass the hat, donations for small affairs, or
Something else, like a dinner or anything to
Generate some cash.
2. Fundraising Committee Beyond Membership .
A. Consider all things from baked goods to
The Lincoln Day Dinner.
B. Do the normal pleas for donations from
Corporate Muskegon.
3. Facilitators Committee.
A. Help the PD/PDD and clubs by giving them
Guidance through literature and go to and recruit
People. Come up with ways to help
Them organize their neighborhoods.
4. Infrastructure Committee
A. HQ Sub Committee for the building and
enhancing it, including more electronic
media, Signage, etc.
B. Internet Sub Committee, to build a data base
And a more interactive Web site.
5. Membership Committee
A. Define membership, costs rights benefits.
B. Come up with ways to gain members.
6. Poll Watcher and Poll Challenger Committee.
A. Define purpose and numbers needed
B. Come up with necessary tools for them
To use in their duties. Manuals, contact
Numbers, badges with necklace. What
Ever needed. Use Dems. Method.
7. Voter Registration Committee.
A. Have table set up at all events. With forms.
be creative.
8. Community Outreach Committee
A. Go to schools for education. Speakers
B. Help PD/PDD put on larger Neighborhood
GOP raisers.
C. Set up Larger community events. Blood
Drives . A Canned Food Drive, be creative.
9. Election Committee
A. Candidate subcommittee
B. Put together anything that is needed to
Further the needs of the candidates.
C. Lit drops, Put together signs, Phone banks,
Volunteers for door to door


1. The overall active base will come from the Precinct Delegate/Designate effort, and our established base. We start promoting that yesterday. We continually build that up so that there will be active cells within each Precinct, doing what the Party is doing above but on a smaller scale. This is the back breaking part, that is where the work lies. The County Party for the most part should be an extension of the Precincts efforts. County Committees number 5 - 9 should be made up of PD/PDD who are doing just that in their precincts. These committees should be there to facilitate the Precinct efforts and put on “Gala” county wide Events which will help both the Precinct and County.

The first 4 Committees have to do with motivating and funding the base.

The Concepts

The concept is to win votes, by winning volunteers who go out and into their neighborhoods and win more volunteers. The County Party should be there to facilitate them in their efforts.

The second concept is to help the candidates get elected to office. The first part of that is to get a base of volunteers at the precinct level to draw from for the campaign effort. The second is to have enough money raised to do what needs to be done at the election to help our Party Take Muskegon Back.

The third concept is to build a fully self sustaining Party at the County level that has ample resources self raised beholdin to none but the base. I think $50,000 come election is an obtainable goal. Half of that money should go to building the infrastructure for winning elections, such as phone banks buying lit. promoting the GOP name in the paper, perhaps a larger “Gala” Election rally for all candidates with a big “Draw” and keeping the HQ visible and highly active. The HQ serves as a focus that creates enthusiasm by just walking in. TV playing videos of campaign highlights. Another just on FOX that kind of thing. You can smell victory in an active HQ. This is crucial around election, but also helpful year round to be a focus for our activities especially attracting members.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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