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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Who's your pick State Party Chair ???

Below is a web site I found that gives a current update on what is happening in the race for our State Chair.
I've met Jack Hoogendyk 3 times and have talked in depth with Norm Shinkle. Both seem good honest and Republican. DeVoss' candidate Wiser has entered with all that money can bring and the DeVoss endorsement. But to be noted as Norm told me. Betsy DeVoss is staying neutral in the affair. I think if we want to change the party we have to change the leadership to one with different ideas. I don't think Wiser will do that.

We will be having a chance to meet Norm Shinkle in our upcoming Precinct Delegate Convention Dec. 2nd. 7pm Musk, Comm. College. In the Blue and Gold room, main entrence one floor down. Norm told me he was coming early and we'd set up some place he could seriously talk with PDs coming to the convention. This is a good chance to meet one of these people first hand.

Here is a letter I'm sending to a few of my fellow PDs. If you want the attachment, contact me at the #s below and I'll email it to you.

Dear fellow Precinct Delegate.

Attached is an email I received from Norm Shinkle. He is a candidate for State Republican Chair. There are many putting their hat into that ring. I was told that Mr. Shinkle was expert at recruiting Precinct Delegates. That is becoming my chosen profession lately Lol.

I emailed him and later after some more emails we talked. When he found out our Convention is Dec. 2nd at 7pm at MCC he told me that he wanted to come. Better yet he wanted to come early. He wanted to not only Glad Hand people but get a chance to talk with them seriously about his campaign for State Chair and his new adopt a precinct plan already in the works.

He does seem to be a doer, a grass roots type of guy that knows two things our party really needs. How win votes and how to recruit precinct delegates.

We needed help during the last election and he of all those that could was the only one that came through from the state level.

If you want a chance to talk with him in a small group, let me know ahead of time so I can let you know of the time and place. That way I can have some time to set this up. Mr Shinkle said he would just show up a half hour or so and we could talk in a nearby room.

His web site had this about his efforts. As a fellow PD you may find this interesting.
From the viewpoint of an organizer and doer, he has the edge. Jack may have the edge with the message although they both would work well. Why don't you come and find out for yourself at least about Shinkle.

Please let me know if interested
Bob Carr

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