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Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Reminder to Stimulate Progress

Here is a link about the drubbing our Republican Brothers and Sisters took in Kalamazoo. Read it and see if it sounds familiar.
Things said like; “The Republican are just getting weaker and weaker.” Sound all too familiar, and the idea that they lost county wide was another similarity.

Then the quote that landed this story onto this blog. Remember this Blog is supposed to be about organizing Muskegon by precincts and setting up a Volunteer base forming them into Republican Clubs. Read the quote.
Among the worrisome trends for local Republicans:
รข€¢ The highly regarded organization of the Obama campaign means local Democrats now have extensive lists of supporters and volunteers as well as a structure that can be remobilized in the future.
"We now have a permanent precinct organization, a permanent set of people in the neighborhoods talking to people about the issues," Pawloski said.
This blog of ours is called “ORGANIZE-Take Muskegon Back”
The premise is that not only do we have to do what the using the same tools like the internet etc. We will do them one better. We will use our organization to make a real difference in the neighborhoods where we live. We will show case conservative solutions that work. We will get our neighbors and friends to trust us through our actions, then we will win elections.

This is a huge job but it is built with little steps. Finding another like minded person in your neighborhood is the first step. Some neighborhoods are harder to do that in than others. I do it by simply making it a point to go out to a place in my neighborhood I haven’t been before and talking to people. Just passing the time of day. And so it starts. It reminds me of fishing. A lot of fish swim by the bait before one bites. The experienced fisherman learns patience and to enjoy and take interest in his surrouding (your neighborhood) until a fish finally bites and one always does. But it takes a constant thought process to come up with different ideas that we are not used to doing. It has been a learning experience and fun AND a bit of an adventure so far for me.

I’m hoping to use this blog as a means to network with other people in other Precincts so we can share some ideas on how to do just that. Also to bragg up success we have, however small. The buzz has to start somewhere. Sometime.

Here and Now seem fine with me.

I spent an hour down at the County HQ getting it ready for the County Executive Committee Meeting Monday 5:30pm. I printed off copies of my “What is a Precinct Delegate Designate” thing I came up with. Also put up the Metro City Street map with a core board backing, for reference and a visual aid. I have the new Precinct County map up also and will give a talk during the New Business part of the meeting. I will briefly explain my plan of how to organize the Precincts and the new “Designate” term and the reasons for it. I will buttonhole all you Precinct Delegates that attend and put a red (what else) push pin up to represent you in your precinct. When you find a Designate then we’ll put up a yellow pin for them. I just now came up with the thought that maybe a hotel from an old monopoly set could represent a precinct club when ever the first one is started.

Every monthly meeting I will highlight any new additions to the map, and ask if anyone has any new Designates. I’m just starting to work on a blood drive. If you have any ideas on that or a good speaker cheap for a precinct Delegate/Designate get together, I’m all ears. I’m trying to come up with a way to have at least one separate thing a month along with the monthly Executive Committee Meeting. I guess fundraiser along with GOP-Raisers will be needed also. We can play that by ear.

Getting Late.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Always feel free to make a comment. Or call or email.

Bob Carr

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