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Friday, November 14, 2008

Why the Extra Blog

I started off with my Live Dangerously blog all about my thoughts on National and sometimes State stuff. You know, philosophizing on the state of the union. Well that was nice and let me vent some of my anger, but the anger always would come back.

Next I came up with my Bottom Up Politic blog and that actually got me out into the community. At that time I also started to get into the local politics of this just finished election cycle. I realized that there was a million things to do and I could politic to my hearts content knowing I could never do it all. Everything I did right or wrong for the most part was accepted as there was noone else volunteering.

For me it was a heady time, I was impressed with the candidates I met, I got to understand from being around them that it wasn't about "philosophising" but more about service to the community. I continued to get into my community meeting people in politics and thru them other people most good some bad. I kept volunteering within the Muskegon County Republican Party anytime someone asked I volunteered unless I was already busy volunteering then I would still try to find a way.

Well I ended up touching most aspects of the campaign. I sat at the headquarters everyday and got to meet all the people coming in for yard signs and other Republican stuff. I got acquainted with all the Candidates and met most of the Dems too. I ended up volunteering for one candidate a lot. Again due to a lack of volunteers and my willingness gradually I became her campaign manager. Really just a glorified gopher but I did feel glorified to be a part of it all and near the end was actually starting to do some of the real Manager stuff. We along with every other Republican county wide candidate in Muskegon lost. That was tough to take as I truly believed we had the better qualified by far candidates. How could that happen?

Now that I have some experiance, at least enough to recognize the mistakes I made and to spot a bunch of things that the party could of done, or done better; I now am setting up this blog in the hope of doing some of those things I feel need to be done to effect the next election. To "ORGANIZE - Take Muskegon Back"

I talked with Holly Hughes awhile back and asked what she needed from the County Party the Most that she didn't get. She simply said more volunteers. Of all the other things the County Party could of done, Holly hit it on the head. We need volunteers. We need them because they are the lifeblood. When they join it means that the County Party is doing it's job by creating a real enough message that people will get behind and enthused about. They are the best advertisers of our message to their friends and family. Beats a robo call anyday.

Our Party's approach seemed self defeating without the new volunteers and the new ideas they bring. Forever drawing on a shrinking base. The party faithful worked long hours and hard but without that extra volunteer effort the base didn't come out to vote. I'm hoping that if we get back to a conservative common sense message, along with foccusing all our efforts into filling each precinct with volunteers and delegates and precinct captains and Republican clubs we can turn this cold blue state to a hot RED one.

The whole of my short experiance in politics has taught me that community service is the cornerstone of politics. Without that the public will continue to throw the bumns out. We have to reform government and politics. We have a lot of National leaders capable of that and we don't have to worry which one, there are easily 5 that are capable of using a true conservative agenda to win the White House in 2012, but they can't do it without the base, and the base needs to be organized some how. The base is the one that has to grow itself. That is what we almost totaly lacked this last time.

That is the purpose of this blog. I am putting out a plan I have which I tried to base upon the current structure of the Party. I based it upon what we claim in the Republican Lit. for the Precinct Delegates that we want. I am setting up this blog in the hopes of actually making it work. As Bobby Jindal says to "Act as we Talk".

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I am a Proud Precinct Delegate just trying to do his job, I need your help

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