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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mike Nofs announces Tues. 4/21

Mike Nofs will announce his candidacy for the 19th State Senate Seat in the upcoming November election Tues, April 21st. This was confirmed by this email from Steve Sachs.

I wanted to let you know that Mike is making his announcement on his run for State Senate this coming Tuesday.
We would welcome your attendance.
We have two announcements scheduled - The first is in Battle Creek at 10 AM and the second in Jackson at 2 PM.
Hope to hear from you.

Thanks, Bob!
------end of email------

I found this artticle about Mike Nofs and Tea Parties in the Battle Creek Enquirer. Battle Creek had a Tea Party also. They had some politicians speak, chief among them was Mike Cox. Also Mike Nofs said the following in a quote from the link below.

“Former state representative Mike Nofs condemned the use of tax money supporting things other than core government services.

Nofs may announce Tuesday that he is running for the vacant seat for Michigan’s 19th State Senate District. He told the crowd that not having a voice in the Senate gives them an extra reason to demonstrate.

“You have no representation,” he said. “You are being taxed without representation, so you are legitimate”

-----link to quote-----

I hope to make it to the Battle Creek announcement. I’ll find out more on Monday.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.

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