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Thursday, April 30, 2009

PD workshop update

My best laid plans are gone assunder

No power point by somebody from state. Too short of notice or I wasn't forcefull enough. The County party is pulling it together well with what they had to work with. Our Chairs and ex Chair Bob Scolnik will fill in. I don't know but I think Holly Hughes will ad something about the adopt a precinct program.

The new idea is we need to learn to crawl before we can walk. So much for help from the state. I learned Wiser likes short messages on his blackberry, I just sent him a shorty.

I'm going to go to watch and learn then get my lunch for $10 off. Maybe I'll bring some old shoes to throw at Huntsman or anyone else I feel like, to raise some excitement. Maybe set up a booth selling them outside? What ya think Big Mark you want some shoes? 1 buck a piece.

Should be fun going to Hart for the Oceana Lincoln Day Dinner. Just eat and listen and leave the driving to someone else this time. Thanks Jon.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Nofs Website

New Website for Mike Nofs is up and running. I’ve linked the page describing the “Jobs First, Jobs Now” plan Mike has and how he hopes to accomplish it.


The site is pretty interactive with a few goodies thrown in. Being a history nut I enjoyed a scrolling side bar with some historical oddities I found interesting. Browse through the site and see what you rate it.

His pitch for donations seemed appropriate. This race will be one of the most costly, and on top of that there is little time to raise the money necessary. While I realize he will be getting a lot from the State Party and other bigger doners, I appreciated that his pitch was centered on his “19 Club”. While he may of wished he was running in the 34 District, lol; it shows that he has a feel for the people in his district and is willing to let them decide what to contribute. I’m sure some will donate more as they see fit.

From this lack of condescension our State and National parties could take a lesson. Sometimes I feel the parties think that websites are just to raise money, they forget that the purpose of raising money is to attract voters. The primary purpose of a website should be to do just that. The money will follow. Planting the seed is enough. Paraphrasing Haley Barbour at the State GOP convention. The guy that gives you $20 will vote for you, the place giving you $5,000, is hedging his bets as they probably gave the same amount or more to the other party.

I paid my $19 to join Mike's club.

I liked Mike at first because I thought I should. Then I met him, and some of his organization, went to an event to hear him talk live. Now I’ve seen his website and the way he is campaigning and now I’m pleasantly surprised that I still Like Mike.

The guy grows on you.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.

PS, I’ll have some info from Mike at our upcoming PD training workshop, May 2nd. Still hoping to gin up enough enthusiasm on this side of the state so our County Party will “Adopt a Precinct” and help win this all important “special election” this November. I’d like to think we took care of business as we “get off the pot”.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

County Republican Party Meeting - Updates.

County Party Updates.

The Muskegon County Republicans had their Monthly meeting. BTW all are always welcome. The meeting is the 3rd Monday of every month at 5:30. The event had I’d guess 20 or more people. Several things were talked about.

click on any Pic. to enlarge.

It was good to see Kay Punter at the meeting, her husband Ken couldn't make it as he had a school board meeting in Ravenna. It is rumored that he is looking to ba a candidate. Kay was mum on the subject. I think Ken would do well in what ever he tries, if his family and business are any indication.

We started with intros for new people among which was a friend Larry Hibner a PD nominated at the last PD convention. We also talked about the Tea Party protests, a lady from the Montague event was there also.

Goeff Hansen the state rep. out of Freemont was there and gave us an insight into what was happening in the State House. Goeff will also be running for the 34th State Senate Seat being vacated by Jerry Van Woerkhom due to term limits in 2010. This election as they all will be, is a must win for Republicans.

Co Chair David Farhat brought us up to date on the Special Caucus Luncheon and Meeting featuring Jon Huntsman, Jr the Governor of Utah as the keynote speaker. We were lucky to snare him on his tour across the country. We owe David our thanks for that, for acting quickly. We can help by getting others to attend and we can make this a success. This should be a good speech by a top flight fiscal conservative, not to mention a well catered lunch for $25 or $15 if you are a PD attending the meeting before hand.

The luncheon will be Saturday, May 2, 2009 starting at 12 noon. There will be a social time before from 11:30 – Noon. Location – Oak Ridge Golf Club, 513 W Pontaluna Rd. Norton Shores. Cost is $25 per.

Before all of this at 10:30 there will be a Precinct Delegate workshop and any Precinct Delegates that attend this will be charged only $15 for the luncheon with Governor Huntsman. The PD Workshop is free. Special Invites will be sent to individual PDs. Also I believe around 1,000 general invites will be sent out to those on our mailing list, All are welcome. Bob Scolnik has been instrumental in doing the real work of putting the invites together and hand mailing the PDs. We owe him thanks for that. If you don’t get one by next week. Feel free to call me at 231-728-3455 and I’ll get you hooked up with a RSVP.

In regards to the PD Workshop, I immediately tried to get Marlene Chockley who gave a power point presentation I attended in Brighton a month or so ago which I thought was well done. She however was all booked up. Then I got hold of Terri Reid from the state party. Terri is in charge of the state party “Adopt a Precinct Program”. I had talked with her earlier. I asked her with her connections for help in getting someone from State to give a Precinct Delegate “how to” presentation for our group. She said she would get back to me and mentioned Larry Ward as a possible. I just received from Marlene Chockley the power point and dialogue in an email. I forwarded it to Terri.

I will keep this edited with updates as they happen. I will add the updates to the side bar on the right. Scroll down to the Calendar and keep checking there under the date May 2nd.

I’m happy to see attention being paid to the PDs of our county. I had no clue what my job as a PD was and this type of thing will help answer that. If you feel like you'd like to learn more about what it means to be a PD come on down. This workshop will be instructive as to the duties of PDs and the impact we CAN have on elections. Hope to see you there.!!!

Other news.

Our spring highway cleanup is just about upon us. Saturday, 4/25/09. Stu Peterson as always heads up that effort and always finds it hard finding volunteers. I heard that he has done it by himself on occasion in the past. I did it last year, we had 6volunteers and as I remember it only took an hour or so. We clean up a mile of Apple ave. - out aways - at the corner of Shaw. Check side bar, scroll down to calendar check for updates on the location and times etc. under April 25th heading. I’ll be there, I’ll find out the rest and put it on the side bar calendar.

Other News

We will be having a pot luck celebration of our 102 years as a County Party. It will be called the Summer Grand Old Potluck. David Farhat said the tentative date was Aug.8th, a location hasn’t yet been picked. He and Susie among others are working on a location for the picnic. The plan as I understand it is to have an old fashioned picnic with the County Party providing the meat and soft drinks and everyone just bring a dish to pass. If interested in helping get hold of Susie Hughes or David or give me a call, at 231-728-3455. This will be what we make it. Again check the side bar, scroll down to calendar for updates under the Aug. 8th heading in which I’ll add updates as I find them.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

PS It's spring. Below a picture of Larry Hibner's garden in the Heights. Makes mine look tiny.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mike Nofs announces Tues. 4/21

Mike Nofs will announce his candidacy for the 19th State Senate Seat in the upcoming November election Tues, April 21st. This was confirmed by this email from Steve Sachs.

I wanted to let you know that Mike is making his announcement on his run for State Senate this coming Tuesday.
We would welcome your attendance.
We have two announcements scheduled - The first is in Battle Creek at 10 AM and the second in Jackson at 2 PM.
Hope to hear from you.

Thanks, Bob!
------end of email------

I found this artticle about Mike Nofs and Tea Parties in the Battle Creek Enquirer. Battle Creek had a Tea Party also. They had some politicians speak, chief among them was Mike Cox. Also Mike Nofs said the following in a quote from the link below.

“Former state representative Mike Nofs condemned the use of tax money supporting things other than core government services.

Nofs may announce Tuesday that he is running for the vacant seat for Michigan’s 19th State Senate District. He told the crowd that not having a voice in the Senate gives them an extra reason to demonstrate.

“You have no representation,” he said. “You are being taxed without representation, so you are legitimate”

-----link to quote-----

I hope to make it to the Battle Creek announcement. I’ll find out more on Monday.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.

For updates now through Nov. on this race and on the Adopt a Precinct Program, see the side bar top.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Some New Stuff

Went to our Carmen Group breakfast Thurs at 8am and our County Chair was there. David Farhat told us that we were getting Jim Huntsman the governor of Utah to come and talk. David asked what we thought and most agreed it was a good thing.

The date is definate May 2nd the time too is set at 11:30 in Muskegon. We have yet to work out the location. We are looking for $25 a head and sponsorships at $100. Keep looking at the side bar for the Community Service calendar for updates as I get them.

Fresh off of the anti tax and anti spending protests of tax day, bringing Huntsman here to talk about fiscal responsibility should prove to be interesting. Especially iin our state which is a poster child for fiscal irresponsibility. His message needs to be heard.

As the link below says, Jim Huntsman on the list of possible Presidential GOP contenders for the nomination in 2012. He is coming to Muskegon.

Be there or be square. lol.

Below is a link to the man and some of his accomplishments.


The more we know the better our decision.


I was recently in Jackson at there Tea Party at least the start of it, and I picked up some info on the special election coming in November for the 19th State Senate seat. The race is against the Republican Nofs and Democrat Griffen. Steve Sachs from the Nofs camp had told me previously that Griffen's strong hold was in Jackson. Well I was there, had lunch two doors down from the Democratic HQ and had a chance to talk with the owner of the restaurant. He filled me in with some background on Griffin.

First Griffin was Mayor of Jackson for a few years, his family was way into politics for a long time in Jackson. He has the name in Jackson. Nofs has the name and strength in the other county (Calhoun) they both make up the 19th state senate distrct. I felt like I was talking about Muskegon. It was like the 92nd was Jackson and the 91st was Calhoun. Different #s maybe, but the same logic.

With the help of outside counties I along with some pretty smart state people think we can win this one. If we all make some extra effort the tide can be turned. The Adopt a Precinct Program is alive and well. Our victory in 2010 and 2012 can start this Nov.2009.


On a local front My friend and I helped a neighbor fix part of her roof. A simple thing but we made her day, my friend and I. Didn't cost anyone anything.

At the Lansing Tea Party I heard 3 different speakers tell us that to make a difference it takes each of us to spend some time just simply helping our neighbors who need help. The government doesn't have to, we do.

Later in the day at the Livingston County Republican Lincoln Day Dinner, Peter Hoekstra talked as the keynote speaker. Part of what he said perked my ears up. He said he agreed with Hillary about it taking a village to raise a child. He just said that the villiage he used was not the government but friends and family and his church. Pete's children were young when he had to spend most of his time in Washington. He said he counted on his own village, of his own choosing, to help him raise his children.

During that talk he also brought up a Constitutional Ammendment he and Jim DeMint authored, the Parental Rights Ammendment.


He is afraid of the UN and the language giving the Government the right to look after the "Well being" of the children, not the parents. We should all fear that can of worms. The Parental Rights Amendment is an alternative to that UN bill to protect the rights of parents to raise their children; not only from the UN but from our government.

“The Parental Rights Amendment would help stop the assault on parental rights, whether it is an assault from Congress, from the courts or the U.N.,” Hoekstra told on Tuesday.

From a principle and political perspective this seems like a good thing. As the article alludes to; although passage in the Democrat congress isn't likely, this plants the seed of a principled opposition to the UN resolution.

It puts the gauntlet down and lets all know where we stand and there is an alternative to the Liberal policy.


That's all for now, except for these pictures of some signs I made and donated to the Muskegon Tea Party.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Monday, April 13, 2009

Smile While You Got Em

City Hall For A Change.

Went to the City Commission work meeting tonight; it started at 5:30 and ran a long time. The main point of discussion was the budget shortfall of $1 million dollars. The scary thing was that next year was projected to be worse. The people, who should know, the staff, were the ones saying it.

The plan to cover the budget deficit was to pay off half of it from what they prudently had set up. The Budget Stabilization Fund. I believe they left a million in it and pretty much swore not to touch it again. Kind of reminded me of the fifty times I quit smoking before I actually did.

The other ½ million in the deficit was made up of various department cuts in salary and manpower. While the police lost 3 neighborhood people, the only complaining that was done was by the Fire union guy who kept saying how unfair it was that three of (his) guys were getting a cut in pay of 10%. There were BTW a lot of other cuts to make up for the ½ million.

All the commissioners added to the lament of how they didn’t like any of the cuts; but in the end they bowed to the inevitable. I give them credit for that as they didn’t have to. Other cities don’t and are going bankrupt. Our Federal government certainly istn't. We because of it are still surviving with some cuts.

My Ward Commissioner Clara Sheppard proposed that the city finance a conference here of the league of cities. A cost of $5,000 was the cost. Pretty minor cost and it would bring in some money. However, the commissioners in effect said they would vote to ok the conference being here but not put any money towards it. After cutting some wages and laying off others and cutting the number of parks for our youth, the commissioners were in no mood to fund some other cities junkets.

I am always pleased as I watch Mayor Warmington conduct the business of the city. It is obvious who the mayor is. His demeanor is as even as mine would not be.

A friend of mine stood up at the end during other business and proposed that the City set up an ethics rule for Neighborhood associations; including the idea to not allow elected officials or married couples on the neighborhood boards, to reduce real or imagined conflict of interest and cronyism. This brought some heated discussion about the issue from Commissioner Spataro an elected official who is on the Nelson Neighborhood Association along with his wife.

This argument continued after the meeting I was told. Another Commissioner also let it be known at that time he also had a wife and they were on another board in another neighborhood. I was told he crumpled up our request and threw it away when talking to my friend.

One thing I think and that is she struck a nerve.

Where this will lead I don’t know. It did prick their interest when she told them we turned down $12,000 for our garden and are doing just fine without it. And that the fund facilitator is no longer facilitating that grant.

For correcting that, my friend deserves some back watching at the least. She won’t get a thank you from the city or the County Health of that I’m sure.

When I get more time we can take a romp through the bureaucratic negligence and arrogance behind all that. For now I have to get ready to get some sleep and have some teeth pulled tomorrow. I won’t be a happy blogger after that so look out. Fair warning. Lol

Regards, Smile while you got em. either way, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Muskegon Tea Party Meeting

Sat. 4/11/09, 3pm Muskegon Tea Party meeting.

We had a meeting at Applebees, to find out about the Muskegon Tea Party. I was glad to see the effort that Joshua and others have put into this event. At Heritage Landing there will be music and speakers. No politicians by the way will be speaking.

Joshua has mailed out an email to all politicians from Levin /Hoekstra down to the township clerks in the outlying areas inviting them to attend this or any other tea party, stating that those who do not will be highlighted later.

That is part of the program here: to remind the people that they are the bosses not the politicians. Also Country Singer John Rich has said he will send something to the Muskegon Tea Party, Joshua said that this was done in such a last minute way, he isn’t sure we will get it in time.

To help clear up any confusion, the event is at Heritage landing. If you want to come with a sign before noon on the 15th and want to be in a march, come to the statue in Hackley Park. They will be leaving at noon to march down to Heritage landing to join the others. If not just make your way to Heritage landing.

There will be a sign up table. We are asking for people to bring non-perishable food and or a buck of two as a contribution. No, not for Joshua or the group. This money and food, ALL OF IT, is going to Muskegon food pantries. Another table will be there where you can sign a scroll which will be sent to our politicians the leaders in Washington. If you want to know what that says, come on down at noon and read it.

Bring your lunch, eat it on the fly. That’s why it’s at noon. You are welcome to come and go at any time. That is your right. That is the point.

Any questions you can email Josh at


Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Or call/email me at
I’ll try to find the answer for you.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Invite to meet before the Musk. Tea Party

Everyone is invited to the Muskegon Tea Party April 15th noon. If you’re interested in doing this and want further info or input or to meet others who will be coming, you are also invited to a meeting this Sat 4/11/09 at 3:00pm at Applebees on Sherman, see my calendar on the side bar. Bring ideas for signs or whatever questions you may have, bring your friends.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Nofs Update.

Just got the following email from Steve Sachs about the "Adopt a Precinct" program.

The logic is simple. We need to find all the Republicans we can then do all we can to persuade them to get to the polls and vote.


Sorry its taken me 3 days to get back with you. I had to track down this information and make sure it was finalized. Here is the information on the adopt-a-precinct program. Please feel free to blog about it.

The Michigan Republican Party recently announced a new program to help identify Republican voters in the 19th State Senate District. The "Adopt-A-Precinct" program is being led by Terri Reid, who is coordinating State Party efforts in the 19th District.

Here are some of the specifics of the program:
- County party or GOP group agrees to adopt a precinct (s) some counties are doing more than one
- Each precinct will have between 400-500 calls
- There will be printed bubble sheets and a script to follow.
- The script reads more like a poll than a straight ID script.
- We’re asking that once the list is received, the calls be completed within a week.
- The answers will be recorded on the bubble sheets
- Once completed, the sheets are sent back to MI GOP and we’ll scan them and append our file.

If your County Party, Young Republicans, College Republican or GOP group is interested in getting involved in the "Adopt-A-Precinct" program, please feel free to contact Terri at or 517-487-5413.

I'm working on information for the Jackson tea party.

Best Regards,

Steve Sachs

That is what Precinct Delegates are supposed to do. That is our job. At least part of it. As Marlene Shockley enlightened me at the Livingston County PD training workshop; PDs not only do the calling but learn their own precinct. Get to know all the residents at least whether they are Republican or Democrat. Record that info and pass it on.

Steve Sachs talks of appending the file, he is talking about voter vault. Marlene Shockley suggested in her talk that all PDs have access to at least their Precinct to update the information.

Reading through the list you can see why it will take a county to adopt a Precinct. With 4-500 phone calls to make in a week it would need 5 people min. to make this a simple task.

If you've never done this before, 100 calls to strangers is a lot to do at a time. 20 a day for 5 days is more doable. Especially if we are expected to call back the no answers. That would take 5 dedicated PDs.

Remember too that we will be using our own phones and all the calls will be long distance. Se we need, not only 5 people but they each need unlimited minutes.

I will call Terri Reid tomorrow and get more details, then bring it to our Musk. County Republican Caucus the 13th. See if they want to do it.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pools, of Contributors and Resources. Mysterious(ly)Shrinking ???

Sorry good idea but we don’t want to dilute our resources. Sorry but we don’t know if it’ll work.

Well it’s true: if I had a dollar for every time I’ve been told that, during this past year; I’d have a Benjamin to spend for gas to go to the Lansing Tea Party the 15th at noon. Which by the way I'm told is badly organized, won't accomplish anything and may hurt our Party.

I’m not talking just about the negative comments I hear about the Tea Party thing. I’m talking about the negative attitude most Republicans have toward any type of change. An unwillingness to try something different because they don’t know if it’ll work.

The last election and now for this upcoming one, all I hear is that there seems this mysterious pool of money (mysteriously no more, no less) that is available for Campaigns In the area. We can’t do anything to jepardize it. “What about this special election coming up; can’t we make a little effort to raise a little money for Mike Nofs in Jackson? It’s a year away from our election here.” No we can’t mess with our pool of campaign contributors. "Ever hear of new ones, gee they might also after 15 months from now contribute to our County Party again if we asked. Especially if their effort worked in Jackson." Well see they say what if it doesn't we may have lost that person for good. "Gee like you had him in the first place!!" So it goes ad nauseum.

I heard it last election, you know the one where we did so well. That whole argument is demeaning to our party and is cannibalistic because it feeds upon the motivation that drives the “Pool of Contributors” to contribute. That negative attitude is reflected in lots of other ways.

The whole idea of reaching out to new people, to new areas thought to be Democratic strongholds. Out side of lipservice I see little done. "Don't dilute our resources I'm told. Our volunteer base." Like we had any?

Another attitude killer of this sort I evidenced when I’ve made efforts to talk the party into celebrating the PDs we have and doing what we can to keep them busy and getting more. I’m told that they have never in the past done anything so why waste our precious resources of time and money to do what they obviously don’t want to do.

I feel like retorting; "how do you know you never tried." Well I’ve in fact said that and I was told that they did try, they emailed the whole list. What I would suggest is some effort that is a little more personal and labor intensive. But then there would go the Pool of Contributions.

To bad the Dems didn’t think the way we do. For all my bitching about Republicans becoming Democrat like, there are some things that we would do well to emulate from the other side.

There are some bright spots and I try to highlight them in and out of the Party.
I will keep doing that.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Thursday, April 2, 2009

PD ALERT Help Mike Nofs win back the 19th district State Senate Seat

Help Mike Nofs win back the 19th district State Senate Seat

Just had a call from Steve Sachs, who is working on the Mike Nofs 19th district State Senate Seat campaign. He got my name from Holly Hughes, our National Committee Woman. The chain of command does work, always slower than one hopes, but in this case actually pretty fast.

Steve told me that April 22nd would be the date Mike Nofs will formerly announce he is running for the State Senate. I was assured that Mike has been pretty active already pounding the flesh trying to get his message out.

A shocker to me was the dollar amounts that Steve Sachs told me might end up being involved in the race. Remember this race is in November of this year. NOT 2010. He was talking of each side spending $2 million apiece. That is a big wow. A state race. The recent New York 20th US congress race was only ½ that. You saw the attention that garnered.

Is this an important race? Well if money talks, we should all be buying ear plugs for all the yelling to come.

Steve gave some reasons for the extra expense. First was that he said the area is a 3 market area meaning to cover all the people in the area they had to spend 3 times the amount. He told me NY 20 was one market. Also he pointed out that the 19th was large and rural area making door to door cost more etc.

Underneath all this was the reality that Stryker the Democrat go to money guy would be getting heavily into this, and if we wanted to compete we needed to compete financially too.

I said I would do all I could in Muskegon to try and fire up the troops. He is mailing me some lit I’ll pass out to our County Party at our next meeting.

I had an idea and thought I’d run it by Holly, and she in her wisdom showed me the error of my ways. During the conversation we talked about the “Adopt A Precinct” program and the progress so far. If my notes are correct, the counties of Kent, Ottawa and Oakland were on board with a bus load of volunteers each for the 19th.
That is great news; perhaps if I can’t get people here interested, I can hook up with Ottawa or Kent. Save some gas type of thing.

I’m also finding out that the demands upon Holly as National Committee Woman are pretty huge. She didn’t say so, but during our conversation I began to understand the work she does for the party. She for example has a meeting the 15th to plead Michigan’s case for funds to the NRC. She said we have a good case to make with the Governorship up for grabs, not to mention the Congressional Race. But everyone will be pleading broke so I wish her luck. I hope she makes her case well. She has meetings with Wiser and Steele. She is busy recruiting and dissuading candidates for office. All this and I’m sure she is anxious to get into the game herself. State Rep or maybe State Senate???

Getting back to the 19th she told me to leave the money to the money people and concentrate on the people. The PDs. Not having any money of my own I thought that was a good idea.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

PS. If you want to get involved, give me a call and I’ll be happy to get you lit. and or put you in touch with someone. Who says we can't get a bus like Kent County?

Bob Carr 231-728-3455

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Jack, Pete, Terri, Bill coming up

Got this email from Jack Hoogendyk and it had his itinery on it.
Looking forward to seeing him in Lansing and it would be super to follow him to KaZoo too.
----Jack's itinery----
Jack's Upcoming Schedule:

APR 9 7:30 pm: Macomb GOP, National Coney Island 30140 Van Dyke, Sterling Heights, MI

APR 15 NOON: Taxpayer Tea Party, State Capitol

APR 15 5 p.m. Taxpayer Tea Party, Kalamazoo

APR 16, 5:15 pm: Midland GOP, Pizza Sams Midland 102 W Main St.

APR 21, 6:30 pm: Forum at Central Michigan University

April 7th 5:30

The Muskegon County GOP members as a part of the 2nd Congressional District have been invited to attend a FUN FIVE COUNTY GOP DINNER This is an ITALIAN DINNER held at the Pere Marquette Township Hall in Ludington Tuesday April 7th at 5:30pm Cost is $15 per person, proceeds will benefit the County Party supplying the items for auction or raffle.

Google Map

This sounds like a fun Republican event, if you are interested contact: Susie Hughes - for more info.
I called Juanita Periman and she told me that Bill Huizenga was going to be the main speaker and that Terri Lynn Land was going to make an appearence and talk also. She told me also that there will be people from the five counties of Mason, Oceana, Manistee, Newaygo, and Lake. Should be a good time for me from Muskegon to broaden my horizons and do some networking.

May 1st

Oceana County Lincoln Day Dinner

Friday May 1st at the West Michigan Masonic Center in Hart for more info you can contact: Juanita Pierman (231) 869-4338 or by email at
OCEANA’S ANNUAL LINCOLN DAY DINNER Below is an email Juanita was kind enough to send me. Be nice to see Pete and Geoff Hansen again.

FRIDAY, MAY 1, 2009




2661 N. Oceana Drive, Hart


$30 per person


Mail check to: Oceana Republicans, P O Box 825, Hart, MI 49420
Personal checks only. Bring an extra check for the auction!

For Reservations Call: Juanita Pierman 869-4338
Joe Merten 873-4267

Paid for by the Oceana Republican Committee, P.O. Box 825, Hart, MI 49420

April 15th

Livingston is having their Lincoln Day Dinner with Pete Hoekstra as the main speaker.

2009 Lincoln Day Dinner

with Keynote Speaker

Congressman Pete Hoekstra

April 15th, 2009 from 7pm to 9pm

Crystal Gardens in Howell