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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tea Party Update

I'm posting this to let people know about some new "Tea Parties"

I'm also using this as a info. drop to have a link to put on my side bar upper right at

03/29/09 From Musk. Co. co chair. Susie Hughes. I see two new ones.

(Detroit, MI USA City County Building
1 Woodward Ave 313-215-9401. Organized by: Beth Breidenstein).

A closer one.

(Grand Rapids

Ah-Nab-Awen Park
303 Pearl St. NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49504

Also at the Holland event where Pete announced his candidacy for Governor, I learned a rumor of a protest forming in Grand Haven. Will update when I hear more.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Common sense prevails, the protest spreads.

Monday, March 30, 2009

A first report

Just had a call and interview by phone from Pete Hoekstra before the Holland announcement.

Here are a few thoughts from the interview. I will write more after I return from his more public announcement in Holland at

First I wasn't aware Pete had already announced. He had, so this wasn't premature.

Second we grass roots activists seem to have a soul mate in Pete Hoekstra.

Pete is behind the candidacy of Mike Nofs and realizes the importance of the race from the "keeping the Senate" to the momentum idea for 2010.

Maybe with his help the "Adopt a Precinct" program can get a needed push.

Pete plans on a 1,000 miles of biking the byways of the state.

He plans on working at 100 diferent jobs along side 100 diferent workers in the state.

He plans to showcase his unique talents in business and politics.

The combination of knowing what needs doing and the ability to fight it through the political process to get it done.

Again I'm off to Holland see my Bottom Up Politics site for a fuller report and a report on the Holland Announcement.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conserbative.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Monday, Big Announcement Holland

Email from Team Hoekstra.
Major Hoekstra Announcement

Pete to Share His Plans for the Future

Hosted By Team Hoekstra

Please Join Pete, Diane, their family and the rest of Team Hoekstra for a special announcement on Monday, March 30th at 4:30pm at Herman Miller, Inc. in Holland, Michigan.

March 30, 2009 4:30pm -6:00pm
(Doors open at 4pm)

Herman Miller, Inc. (The Green House) Please Use the Visitor Entrance
10201 Adams St.
Holland, MI

There is no cost for this event and no tickets are required.

To help anticipate accommodations please
RSVP to Deb at 616-396-3354 or

Please feel free to share this invite with your family and friends


Can't wait to see how Stryker and the bunch try to rape this guys good name. Maybe the time is ripe for some backlash to the old Liberal same old same old "big lie" tactics. Maybe people will start to say enough is enough.

I'm going, the last line said feel free to share this invite with your family and friends. Feel Free by showing we are free.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be a Conservative

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


My computer and tv and all the stuff putting me on the Information Highway was stolen and it has taken me awhile to get functioning again. My apologies and I will return. Shortly see my post at Live Dangerously.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Is it possible to Change things? Some Self Justification

All I have to do is look at history to see. Yes it is possible. Dig deeper and I see that there are usually a lot of people trying and a lot of people failing with their ideas good and bad until change finally can occur.

Why is that?

Why do some fail and others succeed? Obviously some ideas are simply bad; others are good. Most are in-between. For political change, timing is important for the success of an idea. There must first be seeds planted. In this blog’s case, in my case; I’m trying to plant as many seeds as I can. I think all these seeds all my ideas are good. I’m biased of course. Ya think? At the worst these seeds as they die will make fertile the soil for other new ideas or for the same ideas at a future time.

Whether or not an idea can sprout and grow depends upon whether it is fed and nurtured. Given what it needs to flourish. In this case, this blogs ideas need to be picked up and changed and molded by others to create something that can flourish. If they prove to be bad ideas or unworkable ideas, well that is the point of this exercise: trying to find ideas that will lead to change. The best ideas the ideas that succeed in this will no longer be my ideas.

I believe in the concept of “Build it and they will come”. If this doesn’t work then I must assume that what I built wasn’t good enough or at least timely enough.

What I do know is that I feel compelled to keep coming up with ideas and projects that I think will work. I feel driven to find some path to change. I’m trapped if you will, into believing that if I “Build it they will come”.

If they do come then the, I and They will become “We” and change will occur.

Until that time I will keep plugging away and coming up with ideas.

My newest one has to do with getting some people to go to Lansing to be in the “Tea Party” protest there. So far one other person and I are going at least tentatively. My next post will be about that. Below is a link to that.
By the way, I see that there are now two planned “Tea Parties”. This is an idea someone had that is taking root. It is being nurtured through the new media. By others. It is a grass root, bottom up type of thing. For more information, scroll down my side bar to the "Community Service Calendar"

If you are tired of the government spending your money join the Party.

Again if you’re interested email me
I will post more later.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More stuff from the Chockley Power point PD workshop

1. Who are the precinct delegates?
a. Get a copy of your county’s apportionment
b. Get a list of the precinct delegates who were elected.
2. How many slots are there?
a. The 2008 delegate apportionment was due April 1, 2008 to the County clerk.
b. Numbers were set based on the number of votes for Secretary of State in each precinct and as the precincts existed 180 days before the primary election.
3. Filling open delegate slots
a. Delegates can be permanently seated at any county convention.
b. Permanently seated delegates should be reported to State Party and the County Clerk
4. How many can there be in 2010?
a. The 2010 apportionment will be due April 1, 2010
b. Numbers will be set based on the number of votes per precinct for President in 2008
5. Preparing for the 2010 Primary
a. Early in 2010, prepare your delegates for their next primary.
b. Send a note telling them about the exciting election coming up, when their term is up, and how to file for another.
c. Send an affidavit of identity.
6. Affidavit of Identity.
a. File this with your county, township, or city clerk by 4pm on May 11th,2010.
b. Remember Filing Deadline is 4pm May11th.
7. Become a Notary.
a. Have someone file to become a notary. File the forms at the Sec. of State office and pay the bond-costs are about $70
b. Carry affidavits of identity to Republican functions.
c. Get delegates to fill them out and notarize them.
d. File them at the county clerk’s office before 4pm on May 11, 2010

Now What?
Just when you thought
It was over,
It’s not.

File by 4pm in the governing unit where you reside your Declaration of Intent Form.

You can also file it on election day at your polling place.

1. Finding Delegates
a. Check donor databases
b. Approach volunteers.
c. Ask People who stop by the HQ or who attend Republican functions. Perhaps set up a table at the larger events.
d. Get referrals from current delegates.
e. Recruit friends and neighbors.
f. Talk it up at your events.
g. Call Republicans from the Voter Vault
2. How to keep delegates.
a. Train them
b. Give them something they want to do.
c. Keep them informed about your activities and how they can help.
d. Invite them to special events.
e. Have something for them to do.
f. THANK THEM for their help
g. Make the time fun and or rewarding.
3. Efforts all year long
a. Identifying voter party preference
b. Opposition research on Democrat candidates.
c. Staffing fair booths
d. Helping with special events
e. Writing a Republican newsletter.
f. Sending letters to the editor
g. Monitoring local issues
4. More efforts all year long.
a. Dropping Republican welcome packets to newcomers in their precincts.
b. Helping a young or a teen Republican club get started in a local high school.
c. Holding service projects to get positive public exposure for the good things we do.
d. Planning social events to encourage participation and make friends.
5. Be prepared to lose delegates. Remember these points.
a. Precinct Delegates are important and appreciated.
b. Include them in the regular activities of the committee.
c. They’ll be there in the future when you need them.
d. Precinct Delegates are the Key to Victory in 2010. They are the force who will find and deliver the votes for our candidates.
6. Our job as PDs is to get Republican votes. How do we do that?
a. Identify Republican favorable.
b. Get them registered to vote.
c. Then make sure they can get to the poll on election day or have them vote an absentee ballot.

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, “What? You too? I thought I was the only one.”
C.S. Lewis.
Identifying Republican in our midst.
1. In the family
In the neighborhood.
1). Yard signs, bumper stickers, flags
Unique displays, Jan.21st candles
Burning, Holiday displays/
2. Look for Conservative ideas and values, not all who share these ideas will be Republican but it’s a start.
3. Look to affiliated interest groups like home schoolers, ABATE, NRA, Small Business Associations, Right to life,
4. Have volunteers search the local newspapers for articles and letters to the editor for conservative ideas. Also search the internet for conservative bloggers etc. The important thing is to get Republicans to actually vote.
5. Contact all elected officials and PDs and Candidates, and election inspectors. Go to the Donor lists (campaign finance disclosure). Find these at county websites, or for the state at. or the federal at or or . Also go through supporter lists of Republican Candidates.
6. Get some PDs trained to be able to access Voter Vault. That is where we as PDs can put all the information we gather from our precincts about Republicans and “leaners” for use in the upcoming election.
7. Continually stress the importance of collecting possible Republican voters. We don’t need to push but we need to make our presence known.

The Importance of PDs and Volunteers

1. More people available to help get the message out come election time. Phone calls, lit drops, just talking it up and letters to the editor etc.
2. A base of volunteers for our candidates to draw from. Remember come election, volunteers are needed for parades and going to debates and in general to create a buzz about our candidates. Also at election time we need to work as election inspectors, watchers and challengers. The end result will be to give our candidates a better chance to get elected. As we saw in the last election, the buzz counted for a lot.

I would like to thank Marlene Chockley. It was from her power point PD training format that I copied from and paraphrased the rest. We need a lot more Marlines’ out there.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Livingston County PD training workshop

Here is a copy of Marlene Chockley's presentation Sat. 3/14/09 Precinct Delegate Training Workshop. Click on page to enlarge.

I admit I enjoyed the program. The PDs were enthused and willing. This type of thing however lays out only some guidelines. Like in baseball the object is simple, hit the ball out of the park. To do it takes a lot of individual effort, with guidance from more experienced people. Babe Ruth didn't hit a homerun all the time.

I hope we in Muskegon County can get a committee formed and some things done to try to fire up our PDs. This type of workshop may be a start. It starts with a desire on the behalf of a few PDs and the leadership then a continuing effort to promote and highlight any progress that is made.

This whole thing can be overwhelming. It need not be. One thing at a time with a goal in mind is all it takes. We can make our goals as small as necessary to achieve progress. The progress then will have a chance to build upon itself.

Last election Muskegon County was left out of the loop as far as direct help from the State Party. No organized effort was made here to do the things the above pages suggest.

We did very little of this on a door to door basis. What was done was done by the candidates. We should have been there to help them.

Marlene Chockley pointed out that the purpose of all the PDs getting information from their neighborhoods was to first set up the door to door giving out of absentee ballots to Republicans. Then on the next door to door just before the election remind the voters to vote and drop some lit. off. At some point another door to door for a candidate and issue crib sheet would be informational.

All of this is dependent upon updating our list of Republican voters, and do all we can to get them to the polling place to vote. Also if we have a poll watcher at the polling place with that list they could check off the people as they voted. Then at 2pm they would call the HQ with the names of who didn’t vote so more volunteers could start making phone calls to those people and see if we could help them physically to the polls.

We had few poll watchers, they had no lists. We had nothing set up at the HQ for phones and people to drive voters to the polls.

I take responsibility for that disaster as I was watching the HQ. What little I had to work with I didn’t know what to do with. I just couldn’t organize it. I felt alone. This whole blog is the result of my frustration. I want that to not happen again. I don’t know how but our party must start to gather volunteers to lay the groundwork for something different in 2010.

I’m willing to do my part, but people run from me like I’m a live grenade. I don’t have the knack.

One point I don’t want to neglect was the importance Marlene placed upon Poll workers. Law says that there should be a balance. In heavily Democrat areas sometimes this is not the case. We need to not only have candidates in as many races we can, we need poll workers there also. They can be the foot in the door.

As you read the above pages of Marlene’s presentation she talks a lot about how the PDs and their groups act as another foot in the door. In my neighborhood for example we PDs that live here know what the community events are. Republicans are pretty generous people by and large. We just tend to keep our light under a bushel. It is our job to figure out how we can do what we do to help and at the same time let people know who we are. In my case maybe helping to serve food at the Sat. morning breakfast at the 1st Congregational Church. Wearing a GOP Hat or shirt or apron would be more than enough.

The options are endless. I had suggested a blood drive and Livingston Chair said that they had one in the works coming up. We could do one at our HQ once spring is really here.

We’ve got to get a presence out in the community. I’d love to see a large banner on our Republican HQ for example.

The whole thing is dependent upon one thing. What is it? Yup you guessed it; volunteers sure enough. Well we have some volunteers. They can get more. In my view the real need is for the attitude to change about PDs. We need to back them.

It’s like hitting the ball out of the park. It takes effort and practice. It takes encouragement and help along the way. It, like baseball is a team effort.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

F L A S H !!!

Hey Precinct Delegates out there.

This Sat. 3/14/09 --- 9:00 registration. Presentation 9:30-11:30.

That is this weekend. Sorry for the late notice, I just found out about it. I’m going. I can make it.


I called up Norm Shinkle and he gave me Cindy Pine’s # over at Livingston County. She called me back we emailed and the event linked above is open to us. This sounds like a professional presentation. I’m hoping to learn a lot about what this website is for.

How to Organize-Take Muskegon Back.

I just emailed a request to our Muskegon County Party to batch email our Musk. PDs. About it. This is really short notice. May not have Time my bad.

All will not be lost. Cindy said that they hope to make a tape of this so I hope to get a copy and present it here. Try to stir up some activity.

{my edit 3/12/09 1;10 PM address is 6870 Grand River Rd, Brighton, Mi 48114}

Feel free to come, feel free to call me for questions. My # is 231-728-3455 Bob Carr.

I’ll report on the presentation afterwards.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Dreams Start Hard

I’m getting old. Instead of springing forward, I fell down or my brain did. I forgot the spring let alone the forward. I showed up to our 12 noon Caucus right on the dot at 1:00. Oh well, people were leaving but a few hung out and I was able to fill myself in on what I missed and what will be come up at the next Executive Board Meeting.

By the way we had a lot of people there. Good to see.

The exciting thing I learned we will talk about is the topic of Precinct Delegates. PDs will be on the agenda for the next meetingRight up this blogs alley.

We have a member, Pat Uriarte who had been in Chicago politics for quite awhile and worked herself up through the political system of Chicago. She will be sharing her expertise at our next meeting March 16th. I called her up when I got home and we had a nice talk.

She said we need to focus more on Precinct Delegates as an important part of our grass root outreach. Needless to say I started paying attention. Pat mentioned the idea of Block Captains. I had invented the name Precinct Delegate Designates for the same type of thing. A way to get volunteers involved. Block Captain by the way is a much better name.

Pat said that there are too many people per PD in our Michigan’s system. A PD has a list of duties he or she is to perform within the precinct. Those duties are crucial in order for a real grass roots program to work. The PDs we both agreed could not do those duties well due to the large population each PD was responsible for.

We need more people, the number of PDs are set by the state. While other volunteers can’t be called PDs they still have a vital role to help the PDs complete their duties.

To make it work, the PDs will have to serve as Precinct Captains. They will have to recruit the volunteers or Block Captains. They could recruit others to help them. One of the duties a PD or Block Captain has is to knock on doors, register voters and make lists of what they find out. This information can then be used to help get the vote out. Plus the simple number of new recruits we need is a plus in any election. Remember that for every new member there are friends and family that will at least hear our message.

With an effective grass roots program, imagine the buzz you will start to hear about the up to now silent Republican Party.

I realize the problem lies in recruitment. It is important to stress the importance of the Precinct Delegate, and the whole grass root thing. This is how the County, then the State, and finally the National Party will learn of what the voters really want. That is how we will win elections.

I hope with Pat’s help we can start to do that in Muskegon. I would love to be a part of that.

I recently went with our Muskegon delegation to the State Convention in Lansing. We had a nice Banner saying Muskegon County Republicans. We were the only county banner in our caucus. I have a vision that one day I will be holding up the 6th Precinct Ward#2 City of Muskegon Republicans, at our next County Convention. I will need at least one Block Captain just to help me hold up such a wordy banner. Lol In my vision ours was hard to spot among the many others flying in the air conditioning.

Think Positive.

Dreams start hard but the good thing is once started they die hard.

Saturday, March 7, 2009



The new Lion’s chapter in Muskegon. Blue Sky Lions is off and running.

They are getting together with the Love Community Garden to supply volunteers from The Lions Blue Sky to help the people at Love Community Garden put together the raised garden beds. A Lion has a Kubota loader and believe me that will help us move some 26 cubic yards of dirt. Plus all will pitch in to build the frames for the raised beds.

Englewood Farms and fellow Fruitport Lion Marve Engle is giving Love Community Gardens a break on the dirt and free delivery to boot.

This is set up for May 2nd come rain or shine.

If you want to help give me a call. Bob Carr, 231-728-3455

News from the Carmen Group. (Local chit chat of a conservative nature every Thurs, 8am at Carmens.) Marve Engle one of our County Commissioners and a regular at the Carmen Group gave myself and J. Riley another blogger and regular from Carmens a guided tour of the waste water management facility out Apple Ave.

There was a minor overflow of the dyke of a holding pond. The spill was minimal and the spillage was safe. It just went to another area to soak in and not to any creeks or flowing water. This was not raw sewage.

This was my first visit to the Water treatment part of the complex. I’m used to just thinking about the solid waste area we see from Apple as we drive along.

The sewage treatment was something altogether different. It was huge. The water in their main holding pond if I remember correctly amounted to more water than Mona lake or Duck Lake I forget which. Either way that's alot of water.

There was a road on top of a dyke between two holding ponds I swear it was a mile long and narrow. It was really only one lane. There were seagulls galore and from our guide we learned that this was nothing. During the spring the seagulls nest on the road and there will be thousands more. It reminded me of Hitchcock’s old movie “The Birds” and driving along a spit of road between two massive lakes of sewage, I couldn’t help think of the movie. “Monsters from the Blue Lagoon” lol.

There were also other ponds where the sewage is initially aerated and the settling process is begun. The facility I believe has over 1200 acreas.

Crossing Apple, Marve showed us a project that Dave Farhat is responsible for and trying to get working. The project has to do with wetland habitat for pheasants. Also a small lake he hopes to center youth activities from the city and other areas around in tandem with the pheasant thing. This is the first I’ve heard of it.

Like so many other things Republicans do for the community they tend to do them under the radar. Why? I don’t know, modesty perhaps. I think that they think if people think it is a Republican thing they won't cooperate. But I see nothing wrong letting people know. People seem to cooperate with Democrat plans. They shout it from the roof topl The main thing is to get something good done. This seems like such a thing.

I will try to get an interview with David in order to let you know what is in the works.


My favorite stores are doing well.

Benson’s Drug is doing great. What a pleasure that place is. People from the neighborhood are getting to know their grocery dept. The new frozen meat products, vacuum packed by the Meat Block is selling well. They started carrying frozen hamburger, steaks, porkchops and the like. Good quality stuff right here in the neighborhood. They also are selling fresh potatoes and onions. Now if you run out you don’t have to run all the way to Meijers. You can walk to Bensons. On Apple just East of Terrace.
-----link to previous post-----

Mia and Grace Bakery and Bistro is doing a booming business over on Third St. off Monroe. The food is still the best Texas Cuisine in the county. They have a farm to table program. They buy fresh from local farmers. The great news is that they have offered to buy from the local neighborhood gardens, of which Love Community Garden is one, if the produce we grow meets their standards. That was a really nice gesture on their part.

The art work of local artists and down-home walk in atmosphere will take one out of the hood (oops Muskegon) for awhile and you can pretend you walked in off the street for lunch in a Bistro in Boston. Really a pleasant dining experience.

Below I have in order some of the posts I’ve made of them.

The family owned and run Bolt Hardware had to trim back it’s hours, due to an illness in the family. The owners wife Callie who was the main operator of the store during the day, in recent years was losing weight and kept losing it till she had to go to the hospital. She told me that they gave her every test they could think of but not a clue as to the cause. She is back out and everyone is hoping she will get better. Especially Mark her husband who I’m pretty sure he is getting worked to the bone.

Below is a link to a previous post I made in May about Bolt Hardware.

There was something about a metal plate in Callie’s hip that the radiologist over looked on her chart and in the process of x-raying her she received 3rd degree burns on the outside. The tests are trying to show if that had anything to do with it. So far they have disproved any other cause they can think of.

I would have had a lawyer the first day but that’s just me. Any way she is still really fragile but wanting to get back to work so the hardware can get up and running regular hours again. Mark her husband works nights and can only keep the store open from 1pm weekdays. Like I alluded to; Mark is probably needing some rest.

Stop in and tell them hi. Wait till the afternoon though.

BTW they are at 236 Mason.


As always US 31 and Mr. Burris are selling the heck out of those Barbeques. There is a reason his is the longest running family restaurant in the County.

Carmen’s new restaurant seems to be doing well. At our meeting there last Thurs. early there was a booming trade. There was another group meeting there I think they had about 10 with them.

Hard to blame them for picking Carmens as their breakfast fare especially their omelets are to die for.

Well that’s enough for now.

Getting hard as I move around the neighborhood not to spend some money locally.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Some Updates

First here is a link to my other site about some updates to the Adopt a Precinct program.
Next is an article about the new Lions Club chapter of Muskegon.
I'm a new member.!!! I am going to the first meeting March 3rd, 6pm at the Shoreling Inn and Suites downtown first floor. This is to start the chapter. This is a great idea.

This is a type of thing I've been talking about for a long time. I hope I can be a part of it.

Join us, become a member.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative