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Monday, March 9, 2009

Dreams Start Hard

I’m getting old. Instead of springing forward, I fell down or my brain did. I forgot the spring let alone the forward. I showed up to our 12 noon Caucus right on the dot at 1:00. Oh well, people were leaving but a few hung out and I was able to fill myself in on what I missed and what will be come up at the next Executive Board Meeting.

By the way we had a lot of people there. Good to see.

The exciting thing I learned we will talk about is the topic of Precinct Delegates. PDs will be on the agenda for the next meetingRight up this blogs alley.

We have a member, Pat Uriarte who had been in Chicago politics for quite awhile and worked herself up through the political system of Chicago. She will be sharing her expertise at our next meeting March 16th. I called her up when I got home and we had a nice talk.

She said we need to focus more on Precinct Delegates as an important part of our grass root outreach. Needless to say I started paying attention. Pat mentioned the idea of Block Captains. I had invented the name Precinct Delegate Designates for the same type of thing. A way to get volunteers involved. Block Captain by the way is a much better name.

Pat said that there are too many people per PD in our Michigan’s system. A PD has a list of duties he or she is to perform within the precinct. Those duties are crucial in order for a real grass roots program to work. The PDs we both agreed could not do those duties well due to the large population each PD was responsible for.

We need more people, the number of PDs are set by the state. While other volunteers can’t be called PDs they still have a vital role to help the PDs complete their duties.

To make it work, the PDs will have to serve as Precinct Captains. They will have to recruit the volunteers or Block Captains. They could recruit others to help them. One of the duties a PD or Block Captain has is to knock on doors, register voters and make lists of what they find out. This information can then be used to help get the vote out. Plus the simple number of new recruits we need is a plus in any election. Remember that for every new member there are friends and family that will at least hear our message.

With an effective grass roots program, imagine the buzz you will start to hear about the up to now silent Republican Party.

I realize the problem lies in recruitment. It is important to stress the importance of the Precinct Delegate, and the whole grass root thing. This is how the County, then the State, and finally the National Party will learn of what the voters really want. That is how we will win elections.

I hope with Pat’s help we can start to do that in Muskegon. I would love to be a part of that.

I recently went with our Muskegon delegation to the State Convention in Lansing. We had a nice Banner saying Muskegon County Republicans. We were the only county banner in our caucus. I have a vision that one day I will be holding up the 6th Precinct Ward#2 City of Muskegon Republicans, at our next County Convention. I will need at least one Block Captain just to help me hold up such a wordy banner. Lol In my vision ours was hard to spot among the many others flying in the air conditioning.

Think Positive.

Dreams start hard but the good thing is once started they die hard.

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