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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More stuff from the Chockley Power point PD workshop

1. Who are the precinct delegates?
a. Get a copy of your county’s apportionment
b. Get a list of the precinct delegates who were elected.
2. How many slots are there?
a. The 2008 delegate apportionment was due April 1, 2008 to the County clerk.
b. Numbers were set based on the number of votes for Secretary of State in each precinct and as the precincts existed 180 days before the primary election.
3. Filling open delegate slots
a. Delegates can be permanently seated at any county convention.
b. Permanently seated delegates should be reported to State Party and the County Clerk
4. How many can there be in 2010?
a. The 2010 apportionment will be due April 1, 2010
b. Numbers will be set based on the number of votes per precinct for President in 2008
5. Preparing for the 2010 Primary
a. Early in 2010, prepare your delegates for their next primary.
b. Send a note telling them about the exciting election coming up, when their term is up, and how to file for another.
c. Send an affidavit of identity.
6. Affidavit of Identity.
a. File this with your county, township, or city clerk by 4pm on May 11th,2010.
b. Remember Filing Deadline is 4pm May11th.
7. Become a Notary.
a. Have someone file to become a notary. File the forms at the Sec. of State office and pay the bond-costs are about $70
b. Carry affidavits of identity to Republican functions.
c. Get delegates to fill them out and notarize them.
d. File them at the county clerk’s office before 4pm on May 11, 2010

Now What?
Just when you thought
It was over,
It’s not.

File by 4pm in the governing unit where you reside your Declaration of Intent Form.

You can also file it on election day at your polling place.

1. Finding Delegates
a. Check donor databases
b. Approach volunteers.
c. Ask People who stop by the HQ or who attend Republican functions. Perhaps set up a table at the larger events.
d. Get referrals from current delegates.
e. Recruit friends and neighbors.
f. Talk it up at your events.
g. Call Republicans from the Voter Vault
2. How to keep delegates.
a. Train them
b. Give them something they want to do.
c. Keep them informed about your activities and how they can help.
d. Invite them to special events.
e. Have something for them to do.
f. THANK THEM for their help
g. Make the time fun and or rewarding.
3. Efforts all year long
a. Identifying voter party preference
b. Opposition research on Democrat candidates.
c. Staffing fair booths
d. Helping with special events
e. Writing a Republican newsletter.
f. Sending letters to the editor
g. Monitoring local issues
4. More efforts all year long.
a. Dropping Republican welcome packets to newcomers in their precincts.
b. Helping a young or a teen Republican club get started in a local high school.
c. Holding service projects to get positive public exposure for the good things we do.
d. Planning social events to encourage participation and make friends.
5. Be prepared to lose delegates. Remember these points.
a. Precinct Delegates are important and appreciated.
b. Include them in the regular activities of the committee.
c. They’ll be there in the future when you need them.
d. Precinct Delegates are the Key to Victory in 2010. They are the force who will find and deliver the votes for our candidates.
6. Our job as PDs is to get Republican votes. How do we do that?
a. Identify Republican favorable.
b. Get them registered to vote.
c. Then make sure they can get to the poll on election day or have them vote an absentee ballot.

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, “What? You too? I thought I was the only one.”
C.S. Lewis.
Identifying Republican in our midst.
1. In the family
In the neighborhood.
1). Yard signs, bumper stickers, flags
Unique displays, Jan.21st candles
Burning, Holiday displays/
2. Look for Conservative ideas and values, not all who share these ideas will be Republican but it’s a start.
3. Look to affiliated interest groups like home schoolers, ABATE, NRA, Small Business Associations, Right to life,
4. Have volunteers search the local newspapers for articles and letters to the editor for conservative ideas. Also search the internet for conservative bloggers etc. The important thing is to get Republicans to actually vote.
5. Contact all elected officials and PDs and Candidates, and election inspectors. Go to the Donor lists (campaign finance disclosure). Find these at county websites, or for the state at. or the federal at or or . Also go through supporter lists of Republican Candidates.
6. Get some PDs trained to be able to access Voter Vault. That is where we as PDs can put all the information we gather from our precincts about Republicans and “leaners” for use in the upcoming election.
7. Continually stress the importance of collecting possible Republican voters. We don’t need to push but we need to make our presence known.

The Importance of PDs and Volunteers

1. More people available to help get the message out come election time. Phone calls, lit drops, just talking it up and letters to the editor etc.
2. A base of volunteers for our candidates to draw from. Remember come election, volunteers are needed for parades and going to debates and in general to create a buzz about our candidates. Also at election time we need to work as election inspectors, watchers and challengers. The end result will be to give our candidates a better chance to get elected. As we saw in the last election, the buzz counted for a lot.

I would like to thank Marlene Chockley. It was from her power point PD training format that I copied from and paraphrased the rest. We need a lot more Marlines’ out there.

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