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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Is it possible to Change things? Some Self Justification

All I have to do is look at history to see. Yes it is possible. Dig deeper and I see that there are usually a lot of people trying and a lot of people failing with their ideas good and bad until change finally can occur.

Why is that?

Why do some fail and others succeed? Obviously some ideas are simply bad; others are good. Most are in-between. For political change, timing is important for the success of an idea. There must first be seeds planted. In this blog’s case, in my case; I’m trying to plant as many seeds as I can. I think all these seeds all my ideas are good. I’m biased of course. Ya think? At the worst these seeds as they die will make fertile the soil for other new ideas or for the same ideas at a future time.

Whether or not an idea can sprout and grow depends upon whether it is fed and nurtured. Given what it needs to flourish. In this case, this blogs ideas need to be picked up and changed and molded by others to create something that can flourish. If they prove to be bad ideas or unworkable ideas, well that is the point of this exercise: trying to find ideas that will lead to change. The best ideas the ideas that succeed in this will no longer be my ideas.

I believe in the concept of “Build it and they will come”. If this doesn’t work then I must assume that what I built wasn’t good enough or at least timely enough.

What I do know is that I feel compelled to keep coming up with ideas and projects that I think will work. I feel driven to find some path to change. I’m trapped if you will, into believing that if I “Build it they will come”.

If they do come then the, I and They will become “We” and change will occur.

Until that time I will keep plugging away and coming up with ideas.

My newest one has to do with getting some people to go to Lansing to be in the “Tea Party” protest there. So far one other person and I are going at least tentatively. My next post will be about that. Below is a link to that.
By the way, I see that there are now two planned “Tea Parties”. This is an idea someone had that is taking root. It is being nurtured through the new media. By others. It is a grass root, bottom up type of thing. For more information, scroll down my side bar to the "Community Service Calendar"

If you are tired of the government spending your money join the Party.

Again if you’re interested email me
I will post more later.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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