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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Report on Muskegon County Republican Meeting last night

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The meeting was held at the County Headquarters on Henry St. It was blizzardly outside and the roads were slick. As I got there around 4:15 to turn the heat up, I thought attendance would be low. Slowly people started to show up. By the 5:30 meeting time came we had a decent bunch. I would say 30 or more.

The main discussion was about the election. We had our elected officials there, Marve Engle and Bob Scolnik who were re-elected to the County Commission. (Mr. Snider our other re-elected County Commissioner didn’t show up). Some of our defeated candidates were there also. Dave Fisher, Annette Smedley, and the arch Conservative James McCormick. State Senator, Jerry VanWoerkhom was there also.

We all talked about why we lost so badly and what if anything should be done about it. There was an air of inevitability about it. Past, present and future. (Past) The Democratic wave just happened. There was nothing we could of done better that would of stopped it. (Present) What we’re doing is OK, we’ll hunker down, we’ve done it in the past. It works. (Future) It’s all a cycle our turn will come. The Dems can’t live up to their promises their organization will start to crumble. We’ll do better next time.

We heard both sides, we sounded conflicted. One stated how terrible it was McCain pulled out of Michigan. Another thought that it was a good thing because it kept Obama out of Michigan. Which he said would of made our losses worse.

Everybody including myself was understandably disheartened by the results of the election. But I like to think that we are not brain dead. Hopefully we’ll start up with some constructive ideas. Hopefully we’ll snap out of it before we let defeat becomes inevitable again.

We will be closing up the Henry HQ till it warms back up in Spring. I had a whole speech set up but from what I heard, I knew that was not the time. People would not of paid attention. That is understandable. People are still in shock. Myself included. So I just ranted loudly and pulled out my maps and all the rest of my stuff quietly. I still can’t get a price on how much it would take to donate to the Party to open the HQ up for a day if we can cook up any profitable events for which we need a spot. I still have a hard time with the idea of not using that great place with all the Republican signs and what not.

But as always I’ll fall back to my default mode. Make Do, Make It Now, Make It Work.

Muskegon Republican County Committee
December 15th, 2008, Terrace Plaza Cafeteria
as usual, 5:30

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

THIS JUST IN. At the meeting GordoM from Muskegon Pundit
Did make a positive suggestion at the meeting. Well it looks like he dug in and followed through on the idea. I signed up today and most of the slots are already filled. A "Two Thumbs Take Muskegon Back" for JR. Below is a copy of the email he sent out.
Hi folks!
The elections are over and it's time to remember our Muskegon neighbors in need.

The Muskegon Republicans will be ringing the bells for the Salvation Army on Friday Nov. 28 (yes, the busiest shopping day of the year!) and Wednesday Dec. 3.

We'll be in front of the food entrance at Walmart (on Henry and Norton) and I've attached a spreadsheet with the times and those who have already signed up to be official GOPer Ringers!

You can sign up for an hour, alone or with a friend or add your name to those already signed up and share some fun and and the gift of your time with a fellow Republican.

And, believe it or not, it is fun. Ane very gratifying to see the different families and children digging deep to help others.

And didn't you really want to do something, anything to help others during this holiday season?

So get out your long johns and comfortable shoes and help us show GOPer Love and raise money for one of the best and most efficient charities in our great country.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanaukkah!

Way to go Gordo

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