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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Grass Roots and Gardening

We , the Muskegon County Republican party had it’s first ever Precinct Delegate Workshop. This was a spur of the moment event trying to tie it in with the Jon Huntsman Dinner a half hour later in the day. For not being a formal workshop affair, it came off nicely. I was excited our County Leadership decided to have one.

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It was a first step. I hope it was the ice breaker we needed. Christina Acterhoff the Fruitland Township clerk gave a talk. As our County Chair David Farhat said we need to first learn to crawl then walk then run. Well being the unrealistic, pushy hot head we all know me to be; I’m glad the crawling is over.

Seriously though the people who were there seemed willing to do something. As Marlene Chockley said in her formal Precinct Delegate Workshop she put on in Brighton that I attended; “people just need to be asked”. That’s the PDs job, It’s also our job now to quickly get them something to do. Something short easy and quick yet and here is the main point; something important that will help us make a difference come 2010

Pat Uriarte as Chairperson of the PD Committee for the County was there and taking names and talking to the PDs that showed up. At the meeting Susie our Vice Chair said she needed our list of Republicans and possible Republicans contacted and updated. This could be the first official PD job to do. This list needs first to be put in order by Precinct then given in pieces to the PDs we have and whoever else they can recruit to call the people and confirm their address etc. We need to figure out a script to give the PDs along with the names in their precinct. A chain of command to pass the findings on to so the list will actually be changed and become a better tool to get out the vote when the time comes.

The PDs can also use this as a way to get their foot in the door of their precinct.
If you follow this blog you know I’m big on PDs being the backbone of this party. If the National, State , and County Party are willing to listen to PDs they are willing to change. That is the first step. Our County Party Sat. morning took that first step. Now we few, we proud, we PDs that took that step with them need to do the rest of it.

David Farhat sent an email to the PDs congratulating us and suggesting a regular meeting at our headquarters. I would like to see our PD Committee Chair Pat call a meeting of PDs to discuss that or an email thing.

I would like to try to set up a formal PD Workshop designed on more of a how to basis instead of a goal oriented one. David Farhat’s suggestion for a regular meeting could be about the startegy for the election and deciding what the PDs should do and what they can and will do etc.

The main thing at this point is to work with the PDs we have. Get them what they can use, like precinct maps and any lists of republicans in their precincts. Susie started with a list of PDs. Check out my side bar and I have other useful stuff to navigate your precincts. The main thing is the old standby question. What Can I Do Today? That has gotten me off my feet more often than not. Just walking around a couple of blocks looking at my neighbors, and maybe just saying hi to someone works. Anything is better than nothing.

Hopefully this blog site can serve as a tool to help us live up to its name.

Organize-Take Muskegon Back.

Regards, Live Dangerously.

After that there was a nice luncheon with Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr of Utah. Nice to see in person someone who might be running for President in 2012. I was too fired up by the PD thing, I enjoyed the networking this luncheon provided. Got some good talk with Jim McCormick and Goeff Hansen. Oh yeah Mr. Yob brought his guy with him who is running for Gov. and showed him around. Like I said I was having more fun talking to the real people there.

After the PD Workshop I changed clothes and was able to help out at a service project put on by the new Blue Sky Lions club of Muskegon. Helped my friends in my neighborhood; Morning Bear, Pastor Phillips and fellow gardeners had a chance to get some dirt and lumber to build some raised beds on our garden we started last year at Pastor Phillips’ Love Fellowship Baptist Church with his blessing and help.

Below some before pic.

Next are some during pics.

Next are some after pics. We did good.

As you can see from the pictures it turned out pretty well. The Lions especially Mike and Sue helped out a lot. Mike Brought the equipment. In the end after the normal struggles we finished before dark. What a great improvement over last year. Don’t get me wrong, the garden did good last year. But this year there will be no stopping us.

A big Bottom Up Salute for all those who helped especially Morning Bear, Pastor Phillips, Al and Mike and Sue.

King of the jungle maybe, but I learned even Lions get tired.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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