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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Volunteers and Organizers Needed

Volunteers and Organizers Needed

I have come up with two ideas that Republicans could organize and volunteer for if we agree on the ideas. What do you think?

1. 1st Congregational Church has a free Weekly Breakfast every Sat. from 9-10:30. They will be in need of volunteers to help serve food. This is on a sign up for a time slot type of thing. Currently they are full. The weeks ahead will be when help will be needed. They serve on average 300 people breakfast. Plenty of things need doing.

2. A Gleaners Truck can be had for around $800.00. There is 10,000 lbs of food in a truck. They advertise it. There are around 250 people that follow the locations around to pick up food. Volunteers would be needed to set up and disperse the day of the dispersal. Heavy work also such as setting up tables and moving boxes of food. Lots of other help could be useful just keeping things in order. Also there will have to be organized for this to happen a fund drive. I would like to see several individual events raising a couple hundred or so at a time. I guess any way we get the money is fine as the end result is good in itself. I would like to get more people involved though and create more of a buzz to publicize our involvement. We can do that by having multiple smaller fund raisers which would olaso serve as volunteer raisers.

A. Both the Breakfast and the Gleaners Truck could be one time or regular events. Monthly Quarterly or Yearly. This could become a traditional type of thing, or not. It depends upon the amount of people willing to help organize and actually do the stuff that needs to be done to pull it off.

Any one interested in any aspect of one or both of these please contact me Bob Carr at 231-728-3455. Or email me at

Remember none of this is in any type of concrete form. I have only talked with a couple people about the Gleaners Truck and once with the 1st Congregational Church people. See my post at, Bottom Up Politics below for what else I have found out.
At this point we need people to help get this organized and start making lists of possible volunteers. Larry Hibnar a new Precinct Delegate from Precinct 6 of Musk. Hts. Has said he would be happy to volunteer some Sat. serving food. We have a start.

I will start talking this up at our Thurs. Carmen Group and at our next Executive Committee Meeting. But we don’t have to wait for that. In fact if we do this it will probably not get done. We need to start kicking this around and fleshing it out ahead of time to be able to present it to the Committee.

What say you ???

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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