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Friday, September 4, 2009

Dems Consider GOP Reforms

Dems Consider GOP Reforms

Senate, House Republican plans public for months to balance budget, avoid shutdown, and protect essential services WITHOUT raising taxes

Calling today's 11th-hour marathon budget session a step in the right direction, Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop and House Republican Leader Kevin Elsenheimer today invited the governor and House Democrats to make their outline to balance the budget public and demonstrate their sincerity by moving it through the legislative process.

Bishop said his caucus already sent House Democrats and the governor their plan to balance the budget without raising taxes, noting a clear difference in priorities between Republicans and Democrats.

"The Senate Republicans have a public plan that has been vetted through committees and passed by the full Senate," said Bishop, R-Rochester. "We are looking forward to a budget process that is transparent and clear, not held behind closed doors with unaccountable and unelected mediators. As we close in on the Oct. 1 deadline, we are also looking for expedient action from the House and governor."

Elsenheimer noted the House Republican plan to Reinvigorate, Reinvest and Reform Michigan was introduced 43 days ago on July 22. The House Republican plan creates jobs, balances the budget without raising taxes, and preserves stimulus dollars to jumpstart the state's economy.

"Republicans have a plan to solve the budget crisis without raising taxes - and we're ready to balance the budget today," said Elsenheimer, R-Kewadin. "The GOP plans are on the table, before the public, ready to go. I'm disappointed that the state is in the shadows of another government shutdown after the House Democrats' summer vacation, and when the ideas proposed today start to move in the form of legislation, then we'll know they are serious."


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Communications Manager
Michigan House of Representatives
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